Thursday, July 14, 2011


Julie: Do you know why I think it is? A.D.D
Eric: You have A.D.D?
Julie: Yes. That's why I'm so bad at housework.

On Sunday, a few of my favorite people came to dinner.  One of them, who shall remain nameless, out of the blue said to me, "Hey guess what? I'm now taking medicine for my A.D.D!" Which led to me responding with complete surprise, "You have A.D.D??" because although I know this person REALLY well, I definitely did NOT know that.

So we discussed how he came to this conclusion, which led me to my OWN scientific, completely unqualified opinion that I probably also have A.D.D. 

Let's get real here..
-I zone out of conversations like there's no tomorrow. Not on purpose (except sometimes..)
-I get distracted easily (contributes to my zoning out).
-I am really bad at housework.

However, I am happy to report that since my self-diagnosis (which was on is Wednesday) I finished SOMETHING! Like a real live project..miracle.  So until further notice, I have decided I no longer have A.D.D..unless the laundry needs to be done. In which case it will  probably continue to sit in a basket on my bedroom floor while I do something way less boring.

Awhile back there was this late night post that I thought would never be complete.  But alas.

The makings of a Tree..

 Tree sketch: My fabulous M.I.L
 Painting of Tree: the likes of Sarah and myself
 Leaves: Scrapbook paper and modge podge

Well, I did it folks. I finished something. A real live SOMETHING!  Now I can spend tomorrow on Hulu guilt free since I will probably need a full day to recover from being able to cross "Ellie's Tree" off my to-do list.

Adios A.D.D!

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  1. looks awesome. i'm pretty sure that there is no way i could ever do that.