Thursday, September 22, 2011

the girl who ate everything

Oh she looks innocent enough..

This little thing is quite mischievous.

She goes for anything electronic..ipod, television, laptop.  She's not picky.

And it seems like she's always putting something in her mouth.
This is fine.
But the other day I found her chewing on a dead moth.

Gross I tell you.  It was just gross.

Today I was feeding her some bananas while she was standing next to me and for no reason at all she started licking my leg.  And then she tried to bite me.

Like I was a piece of turkey or something.

Who is this child?!

Okay she's mine.

See the thing is...I was hoping she'd be a lot like me.

A mini me of sorts. 

I'm kind of a food snob.  I don't ever go to places like Taco Bell or McDonald's, because the truth is I think it's garbage.  Any restaurant that can't claim that their meat is at least 30% real makes me feel all barfy inside.

So I guess I just kind of assumed Ellie would have my tastes.  I think maybe it's time I accept that in this respect she may just be more like Andrew.

That's not a bad thing at all.  And just to clarify, Andrew doesn't eat moth's or random things off the floor.  But he does like pretty much everything when it comes to food.  I suppose that's a good thing although I'll never understand it. 

But they are both pretty adorable.
And cooking should be verrry easy. 

So I should probably stop stressing about it and start appreciating that she has exceptional taste buds.

Although I can never be okay with eating dead insects.

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