Monday, March 5, 2012

ups and downs of a weekend

This weekend was an unhealthy mix of lying around and grocery shopping til I dropped.

It was riveting.

Elle is really the best kind of entertainment there is. I could stare at this picture for hours it's so cute.

Visitors are always welcome at our house, but mostly we prefer the ones that bring cookies.

I made the most delicious dinner...don't you wish you'd stopped by too? Go here for the recipe!

Everyday Ellie stares out the window until it's finally warm enough to go play..

She's like a real life Dr. Seuss book..she climbs over, under, around and beneath. She's fearless.

Until she wandered into unknown territory and then things got a little iffy.

This is why snow and ice always look prettier from the inside..Elle is one brave little gal.

I keep meaning to organize my closet on the weekends..any ideas the best way to do it?

How was YOUR weekend?


  1. Organize your closet by COLOR. I love doing that. Also, Ellie is TOO BIG. Please can I see her and you soon? I miss.

  2. The taquitos look great! I am following from the blog hop!

    Mel S

  3. OK, I have just spent more time perusing through your blog than I have on any other for a long time. I love it. The pictures are gorgeous. I love the vintage feel they have - that your whole blog has. I feel cozy reading it. I just love the whole thing. Thank goodness for blog hops or I may never discover new, beautiful blogs to love!

  4. You had me at Taquitos!! Which I have in the oven right now - though not the nice homemade kind - gotta try this recipe you have here.
    I found you on the blog hop - feel free to check me out at