Saturday, October 22, 2011

Caramel apples and other good things

I've been doing some cooking lately.

I've been making a point of trying some new recipes.

Baked Creamy Chicken Taquitos
Seriously awesome.
But this is what mine ended up looking like..
Not so pretty
But man they were so good. Like bite size pieces of mexican food heaven.
You can find the recipe for them here

And I also thought I'd try some soup...because it is Fall you know.
Oh the joys of being a housewife
mmm mmm good
It's Creamy Corn Chowder and this is the recipe.

Be sure to eat it with garlic toast, because it's the only way to make this soup even more delicious.

And then there was last night. While at my aunt's house.

I attempted Caramel Apples..because what is Fall without them? Lame I tell you. Lame.
Serious business.
It was a perplexing situation getting that stupid stick in.
But I am a determined soul.
The anticipation was building..slowly.
There's a science to making caramel apples just's all in the spin.
Toffee and Chocolate
Don't burn yourself with the caramel because it's really hot and sticky (obviously).
When you're done tell your apple "you look wonderful!" in a boyish victorian voice
Standing in the cool air so the caramel would set up and not melt off my toppings.
How are you celebrating Fall?


  1. You are so cute! I miss you! I want to try your recipes too.

  2. I love you hair. I didn't know you had cut it and it is adorable.

    The caramel apple looks good also. Send some to me please.