Wednesday, November 2, 2011

smart talk

Hair school is pretty fab.

While some spend their time debating politics and finding ways to cure world hunger, I choose to spend my time doing equally important tasks.


Such as frosting cupcakes to make the color wheel. Ahh so important. So life changing. So delicious. Oh wait..I didn't eat one (no sugar, remember?)

Now that's what I call art. And of course the conversation was just as mind blowing as the actual cupcakes themselves. It went a little something like this..

girl #1- we need more yellow frosting on that one to make it more yellow-y.
girl#2- oh no i messed up my's (name withheld) fault. she distracted me.
girl#3- do we get to eat these?
girl#4- omg this looks sooo good

My what stimulating conversations. It's like when Facebook changes something and then everyone spends a week complaining about how horrible it is, because obviously nothing in the world is worse than having to deal with a new profile page. If that's the worst thing in your've got it pretty good. Just saying.

In the process of this hair school fabulousness I have actually been doing something worthwhile..cutting hair.  If you can believe it.

I was not so much loving the men's cut. It looks easy. Maybe it is easy. Maybe I'd rather shave my own head than do another one...

If you can't tell (because of blindness) that this is a haircut gone me and we can discuss that.

However I would like to boast a bit...

And that is that I did a SAH-WEET haircut on a little cutie and I am so proud.

Meet Chloe:
Chloe had verrry long hair when we began our hair journey. And she was a bit wiggly. And thirsty. And needed to go to the bathroom a zillion times. And I loved her.

Getting your haircut is tough when you're a kid. So I like to add a little spice to the appointment. When I only had a few long strands left to chop I told Chloe that we needed to give her locks a proper farewell. So I counted to 3 and then very quietly she said "adios". It was adorable.

For reals peeps. Doesn't that hair look so good?!

So don't worry about me...I'll just be here patting myself on the back until Vidal Sassoon shows up to give me a run for my money.


  1. Cute! I am glad you are liking it.

  2. Hi,

    I'm your newest GFC follower! I'm coming from week 31 of Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop!
    Chloe's haircut is so nice,your doing great,keep at it!
    Please feel free to swing by my blog to follow as well!

    Shannon's Tales of Motherhood