Friday, November 4, 2011

tlc means travel like crazy

Are you stressed out, tired, and in serious need of a vacation? Do you wish to be somewhere exotic and full of adventure? A land unlike your own?

Might I suggest a place or two?


Home of some of the finest transportation in America.

Religion is everywhere..even the Walmart parking lot.

Serious folks that mean business.

A ghetto playground for kids of all ages to enjoy.

Try'll love it.

But if that doesn't quite float your boat, maybe this next place will suit your fancy...


Who can resist a giant Bronco with red eyes greeting you from the airport?

And it doesn't seem to matter where you go in the state of color..everything is beautiful.


It's a pretty outdoor-sy place so be sure to come prepared.

Fish even get their own's pretty exclusive that Colorado.

Need a little romance in your life? Go to the land of Love!

Don't be surprised if you make really good friends while you're there.

And if you need a tour guide I know someone who would be so happy to go along for the ride...

P.S- if you already live in Wyoming or Colorado count your blessings you lucky duck!!

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