Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chunky Monkey

 When most people hear the words "Chunky Monkey" they probably think of this:
 But when I think of Chunky Monkey this is actually what comes to my mind...

It's true.  Look at that belly!!  If anyone ever wonders if our baby is healthy we'll just show this picture which will obviously eliminate any concerns.  Ellie had her 2 month checkup (2 weeks late..) last Friday and sure enough, she's gained almost 7 pounds since she was born and she's grown a few inches so now she measures at 23 inches and nearly 13 pounds.  Surprisingly, her diet is NOT Ben&Jerry's.  We are happy she is SO healthy. 

We borrowed this jumpy thing from my sister in law and I was really excited to put her in it. It didn't turn out exactly as I planned, but who's complaining!
I think the only thing she cared about before she fell asleep was that blue tree frog. When she's a little bigger we're sure she'll love this thing, because she loves music and jumping around. But right now her feet don't even touch the floor so the jumping will have to wait.

 Also her hair just stands up on it's on own..I gave her a bath and this is what it looked like after..

  She's started talking (so she thinks) to us now...it is the sweetest thing.  I could listen to it all day.

                          My 2 Loves...
                                                                        Life is good.


  1. your precious little ellie looks so much like you april:) you guys look soooooo happy, im so happy for you! love and miss you- love hol

  2. We call Tatum a chunky money all the time. I had no idea it was an ice cream flavor!! Funny! She is such a cutie pie!