Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Here, there, everywhere...

A few things that have been going on lately with us...
Ellie is sweeter and feistier than ever.  Man she's got spirit! She thinks everything is funny and cries so rarely that when she does, (like a normal baby) we almost don't know what to do.  She is a happy, happy girl.  So if you are feeling down because no one's been laughing at your jokes lately, come on over!  You are guaranteed a laugh or at the very least a BIG smile.  No one and nothing can cure a bad day like she can!

Tanner has returned!  My crazy, fun-loving, good-natured little bro has come home from serving 2 years in the Louisiana Baton Rouge Mission.  He LOVED his mission and worked really hard to learn the spanish language (which he now speaks fluently) and share the gospel with everyone he met.  I had the pleasure of hearing his homecoming talk this past Sunday in Boise.  It blew me away! He talked about priorities and I was called to repentance. That's a good missionary!  I am soooo proud of him!  Also I am confused every monday because I still get on my email to write him a letter, forgetting that I can just give him a little ring on his rockin, new cell phone.  And I realized this past weekend that I turn into some kind of ghetto fabulous gangsta when we're together.  I can't stop myself from rapping every Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff song I know and I walk around yelling "what's up fool!"...he really knows how to bring out the real gem in me.  Hooray for righteous service and brothers! I heart them both.

 Finally, we have begun the complete makeover of our living room.  I figure that's probably the most heart stopping news you've read all day.  That's me.  Dropping news like it's hot.  But seriously, this place is gonna be so BOMB when we're done! I can't wait.  We've already made some significant changes that make a huge difference in the room, but "We've only just begunnnn".  If you happened to drop by I suppose I wouldn't be able to keep you from seeing this makeover in all it's glory, but we'd prefer you didn't since good things come to those who wait. I will say I am really excited to refurbish the antique table I found at a garage sale last weekend for a killer deal.  So if you wonder why I've been ignoring this homey, little, writing sanctuary lately, it's because I've become a slave to my home.  Gladly.

Okay one more thing...how could I forget this guy?
Sorry ladies..he belongs to me.  Who else would I quote Kid History 4 with?  And who else could appreciate me eating the millionth bowl of cereal since we got married like him? Basically I need him around.  He took the semester off from school and it's been lovely.  Like a breath of fresh air on an early summer morning.  Ahhhh.  And I should mention that when I got home Sunday night from a long, exhausting weekend I was greeted happily by some gorgeous flowers that now grace our flower pots outside and also a few in house surprises (makeover-esque...) that reminded me even MORE how much I love him.  He is da best.

Curious about Hawaii? No need to worry...you'll hear about it soon enough :) 

Until then just appreciate this oil painting of El to the hizzle!
I could just look at that face everyday for the rest of my life..

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sleep through the static

Well. Here I am.  3 in the morning and wide awake. 

Little girl finally went back to sleep after waking me up only about 8 times since she went to bed at 8:00.  Good thing I ate a bowl of Cinnamon Life with delicious goodness, because that always makes me happy. Also I just read recently that a bowl of cereal before bedtime can actually help you sleep better so obviously I was just doing what's best for my tired body.

In six hours I will be lying in a hospital bed so the doctors can do this to me while I am unconscious, because I am dealing with pain and nausea and insomnia daily.  Wonder what they'll decide is the best way to fix me after yet another diagnosis.  Next week I'm returning to the hospital to eat a bowl of oatmeal laced with mercury so they can determine what is causing all the acid and how to make it stop.  I have a feeling it will NOT taste as delightful as Cinnamon Life.

Hawaii was beautiful. I will write about it soon.

Life is hard right now because I guess sometimes it just has to be that way. 

But there is good news..my brother is home from his mission after 2 long years and I am so happy. I really, really missed him. 

For dinner last night I made a tasty meal with lots of leftovers since I don't think I'll be in the mood to cook today.  We also watched "The Fighter" on our Clearplay  and it was a seriously good movie.  My favorite part might have been when Amy Adams and Christian Bale are having an argument on her porch and you basically hear nothing but the occasional "and" or "the" for about five minutes because there is so much swearing.  Swearing is so much more enjoyable when it's edited.

Think I'll try to go back to sleep and prepare myself for the morning's activities.  I'm grateful my bed is so comfortable so I can dream about lying in the sun on a beach in Hawaii while the Ukulele plays sweet Jack Johnson melodies.