Wednesday, February 29, 2012

war of my life

 It's Leap day.

Yes you probably already know this.

But did you know..

That I finally went to the Doctor today to find out why I feel like crap
This is an accurate portrayal of what occurred. Minus the boy and the pants dropping. It was however, extremely awkward and my hands were clammy and let's just say there's more than one reason why Leap day only happens once every 4 years.

Diagnosis? Not good. It's just not good at all.

So to help me feel better Andrew bought this sick gal a fancy dress
Lovely, lovely, lovely.

One can never have too many fancy dresses you know.
I'm in the war of my life people. I've got no choice but to fight til it's done.

At least I'll look good, right?

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Monday, February 27, 2012

less talk more pictures


It's not been working so well for me lately. Or possibly..ever.

I'm still not quite sure how saying the word "circus" became "surrogate" and when I tried to correct those misunderstood they nodded their heads and politely mouthed to each other, "mmhmm..surrogacy."


Marriage requires communication so Andrew and I talk a lot about..everything. We're improving a little everyday.

While talking about what Disney movies we should buy Elle, Andrew said, "hey you know that little old lady who walks her dog that's Dora's friend?"

Let's all assume he's referring to Dora the Explorer, Ellie's t.v bff.

"Little old lady? Do you mean Benny the Bull?"

"C'mon you know who I'm talking about. Dora's FRIEND. The little old lady who always walks her dog."

"Map? Backpack? I have no idea who you're talking about"

"What?! Yes you do.  Dora's friiiennnd" (because enunciation is clearly the problem here)

"Yeah I don't watch the show honey, I don't know all of Dora's friends."


" know I'm talking about our neighbor Dora, right?"

"Ohhh you mean Shirley!"

So from now on I'll just let my camera do all the talking..courtesy of my pretty new iphone..

I found this gorgeous blue paint at my aunt's to use for my bathroom only to realize it's coincidentally the exact same shade (different brand) as my bedroom. No wonder I liked it. Paint fail.

                                Her favorite place to play in the whole house.

               Thanks Costco for helping me relive some of the greatest cartoons from my childhood!

You know that thing that you keep reminding yourself to buy, but you never get around to it? Mine was towels...ahh new towels really are the best.

Colored skinnies are taking over my order: mustard, cobalt, blue sky, rose, spearmint, gray, ivory, coral, midnight, minty fresh, forest green

how was your weekend?

p.s- Voxer is the coolest app on the me.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


What's the greatest thing that could happen during the month of Love?

As Courtney from The Bachelor would say.."Winning!"

Dear Courtney,

Please stop everything you're doing. And when I say everything I really mean everything. The smirks, the evil laugh, the little girl voice when you're around that guy with ugly hair. It's all bad. Bad, bad, bad. Oh and the faces you make are the weirdest I've ever seen.  Please seek help immediately about that. Also, being a mean girl hasn't been cool since Lindsey Lohan had red hair.

Not so sincerely,


Well now that that's off my chest let's get down to the nitty gritty awesomeness!

I've recently fallen in pitter patter happiness with the charming little Etsy shop


Wouldn't this be the coolest journal?
I am SO in love with this one...

I'm a huge fan of things that are creative and unique..."winning"

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Perfect for just about anything your little heart has to say...

Some fabulous perks of BEEBLE AND FLISTER books:

* Made with Acid free/ Archival paper

*Hand crafted

*Variety of sizes available 

What was that? You want me to keep it? Aww that's so sweet but I really couldn't..

Or could I?

Just kidding friends! I love you all so much and wanted to show my love to YOU! So here's how you can make this darling book all yours...

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

m is for mustache

Lately we've been up to a thing or two..

I made a canvas or two..or four..of what else?


I think they turned out pretty nice..easy peasy? Eh..nope.

White Chocolate Cherry Chip Almond Oreos with Mixed Berry Cream Cheese frosting

Elle and Curious George are becoming good's totally cute.

This is what I like to refer to as a shower cap FAIL. Does this look like a shower cap to you??

She's pretty happy no matter where we are or what we do

My little bro got engaged! Pretty great way to celebrate the month of looovvveee.

Oh yeah and my birthday was a few days ago..did you miss it? Go here!

What have you been up to?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

a slice of happy with my cake, please..

You know what really puts a damper on your birthday?

When you tell people how old you are (because they asked) and then they wish you condolences, because you are only ONE year away from the "big" year.

So I would like to now publicly announce that so far 29 is awesome and I'm betting that my "big" year of 30 will be even more awesome-er.

I'm determined to defy all social norms and love the last year of my 20's, but also totally dig my 30's. It's gonna rock. I can already tell.

Here's how I know this...

Day ONE of being 29 I laid around and watched episodes of shows I've seen a million times.  Obviously this is symbolic for the millions of moolah I'm sure we'll be making this year.

I also found myself cleaning my house. Something I vowed to never do on my birthday. This is definitely a sign that I will continue to work hard and refuse to quit when the going gets tough.  And that I'm for sure going to reach my goal of returning my Redboxes on time since I failed at this during the 28th year of my life.

And the best part of the first day of my 29th year started like this...

I thought Andrew was picking me up for our date, but it turned out to be my friend Kelcie who drove me to Andrew's old apartment when we were dating. She handed me a note from Andrew that was really mushy and awesome which I read on my way up the stairs.

And that's when I saw..

Nelson! Actual name: Melody. But we served a mission together so last names are a go for us. She wished me happy birthday, ordered me to get in her car, and then we drove to a certain location where Andrew and I spent the majority of our first date and have reminisced about since then.  I was handed my second awesome love note from Andrew and then kept walking til I was approached by...

Matt and Sarah! I got in their car (I'm so trusting) and was handed a pair of Mint jeans! Then we drove to an undisclosed location that happens to have a scenic view of perfection and at the top there was the man of the hour! He even had my Sweet Tooth Fairy Cupcakes lit and fancy-like on top of our car..

Soo sparkly! We shared with Matt and Sarah since they were low on gas and we are kind people.

We dined, we danced, we did things lovers do (ahem..don't worry about it)..perfection.

I have a great husband, a sweet daughter, and everything I need in life.

Don't fear's pretty fabulous if you ask the right people :) pants pics commmmiiiinnnngggg!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


It's my birthday!

I woke up this morning to breakfast in bed..

My breakfast normally includes apple slices and a bowl of Special K so this was a good surprise!

Annnnd I have acquired a certain pair of MINT pants which I am already in love with and will be wearing all day and probably sleeping in tonight..

Plans today include:

* Spending time with my little babe who makes every single birthday feel amazing because she's with me

* No laundry, dishes, mopping, sweeping, or anything of the like. I'm taking the day off!

* Ignoring the "I hate this day!" complaints that I hear every year on my birthday because it happens to fall on the same day as a much dreaded holiday for men and women alike.

* Painting my nails Periwinkle to get ready for my hot date tonight!

Tonight at approximately 6pm Andrew is picking me up and the rest is a mystery...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

decisions, decisions

Andrew trying to explain the meaning of life to me

This week we found out that Andrew has been offered a Pilot slot for the Air Force.

We are just a bit excited around here.

However I do have a few concerns..

One of them being that all the pilot schools are located (in my opinion) in really interesting locations. I shall not name them so as not to offend. But feel free to google if you so choose.

Basically all of these places are located in a region of the U.S. of A that I have yet to experience.  The "norms" in these places are quite different than what I'm used to...despite my grief over ugly terrain or the beach, secretly I'm looking forward to a change of pace.


a.) I am terrified of the naturally I know I would never try it unless I lived in a place where I was considered an outcast. Only because I do not prefer alligator or frog legs for any kind of meal.

b.) I'm not positive about this, but it seems like if there was ever a place to be surrounded by women with big hair, this is it!

c.)  I would consider it an honor to live anywhere near Billy the Exterminator or my personal favorites, the gems of "Swamp People".

Oh and one more thing...

This show is the key to knowing where to find the crazies in America.

While discussing details over dinner, Andrew asked why I was so against living in certain places.

Easy peasy man. American Idol has all the answers. It's the most reliable source next to Wikipedia.

I watch those auditions. I know where the crazies live. Andrew thinks you can't make a decision about a place based off a reality show.  Psssh.

I beg to differ.

I watched Courtney flaunt her trashiness on "The Bachelor" this week in Panama and I feel confident that anywhere she is I do not want to be. Gross.

Speaking of Idol, Steven Tyler is a seriously dirty old man. Everytime a girl comes into the auditions and then says how "hot" S.T is I just get all barfy inside. He and Courtney should hang out. And someone should tell him to cut his hair so he doesn't do such of an excellent job of looking like a woman..

or he at the very least looks like a man who's trying to look like a woman.

So at the end of the day my point is that I will continue to base all major life decisions off reality shows. It's worked well so far, why stop now?

p.s- congrats about Pilot school are cooler than cool :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

i love!

Remember this post where I vowed to only share the things that I love most (and that I think you should love too)?

Prepare to be all mushy-fied.

I LOVE this movie. But I hate trashy movies. So to leave out all the trash and enjoy the funny stuff I bought the edited version. No sex, no swearing, trash-free! Comedy at it's it here!

Cinnamon Apple cake! This was so good I made it twice in the last week..I used Granny Smith and Pink Lady apples which made a perfect combo of tart and sweet. Good for breakfast, dessert, second dinner, and while watching "The Biggest Loser". Find the cake recipe here and a homemade caramel recipe here. Oh and bring me a piece would ya?

Well give me a fro and call me Beyonce because I am seriously crazy in love with this swimsuit and pretty much every other one from Rey Swimwear. I'm getting all excited for summer just thinking about it! Check these fabulously modest and classy suits here!

Didn't you know giant heart balloons are cooler than cool? Can you think of anyone that doesn't want a hand crafted heart balloon and tassel created by the lovely Jihan? I can't! Geronimo Balloon-Troopers I heart you!

up next...

Thursday, February 2, 2012

love and death

I've been feeling a bit like death this week.

Sunday night we were all feeling a little sickly and then Monday morning came.

And that's when death set in. Sore throat, runny nose, watery eyes, chills, fatigue,etc..

and worst of all I've started watching The Bachelor.

it's like a fluffy pink tear soaked pillow train wreck.
And I can't seem to look away...

Other signs that confirm you're not feeling (or looking) so hot :

a.) you get out of bed (at 12:30PM), do your makeup, fix your hair, and put on clothes only to take everything off 5 minutes later and get back in bed.

b.) you are depressed because you've already watched everything you never have time to watch on Hulu and Netflix. And it's only Wednesday.

c.) you begin to think you actually look attractive in the sweatshirt you've been wearing since Sunday.

d.) you don't remember what the real world looks like so you're left to assume everything on t.v is real.

e.) breakfast, lunch, and dinner slowly melt together into a giant bowl of ice cream and pasta.

f.) you have time to spend hours searching the internet for mint skinny jeans that don't actually exist.

Fortunately...there is light at the end of the tunnel!

The month of LOVE.

My birthday is Valentines Day so the lovely month of February always makes me a little giddy.

So I'm dedicating the next 4 weeks to things that I love.

If you're not sure...

this is what LOVE looks like:

BR Love Potion #31...White Chocolate ice cream with Raspberry swirls and Dark Chocolate hearts with Raspberry filling. Tis my favorite! It's only available in February so RUN.

Andrew brought me home a half gallon of this last night to cheer me up from the sickness blues. I heart him.

the new China Glaze Hunger Games collection..I want I want I want!

my little walking talking babe..she's getting bigger, happier, and sweeter every day

a sweet, kind, hunky husband...ladies if you haven't found yours yet, hang in there! It's worth the wait!

I feel better already... :)