Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sleep through the static

Well. Here I am.  3 in the morning and wide awake. 

Little girl finally went back to sleep after waking me up only about 8 times since she went to bed at 8:00.  Good thing I ate a bowl of Cinnamon Life with delicious goodness, because that always makes me happy. Also I just read recently that a bowl of cereal before bedtime can actually help you sleep better so obviously I was just doing what's best for my tired body.

In six hours I will be lying in a hospital bed so the doctors can do this to me while I am unconscious, because I am dealing with pain and nausea and insomnia daily.  Wonder what they'll decide is the best way to fix me after yet another diagnosis.  Next week I'm returning to the hospital to eat a bowl of oatmeal laced with mercury so they can determine what is causing all the acid and how to make it stop.  I have a feeling it will NOT taste as delightful as Cinnamon Life.

Hawaii was beautiful. I will write about it soon.

Life is hard right now because I guess sometimes it just has to be that way. 

But there is good brother is home from his mission after 2 long years and I am so happy. I really, really missed him. 

For dinner last night I made a tasty meal with lots of leftovers since I don't think I'll be in the mood to cook today.  We also watched "The Fighter" on our Clearplay  and it was a seriously good movie.  My favorite part might have been when Amy Adams and Christian Bale are having an argument on her porch and you basically hear nothing but the occasional "and" or "the" for about five minutes because there is so much swearing.  Swearing is so much more enjoyable when it's edited.

Think I'll try to go back to sleep and prepare myself for the morning's activities.  I'm grateful my bed is so comfortable so I can dream about lying in the sun on a beach in Hawaii while the Ukulele plays sweet Jack Johnson melodies.

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