Thursday, April 7, 2011

Get well soonish..

Today is a sick day.

I am sick with a bad cold.  And so is my baby girl.

So we are taking the day off.  Off from life.  And dishes.  And anything that doesn't involve a couch and a remote.  

Today is going to be awesome!

I'm not even going to get dressed today.  Except that is not because I'm sick.  It's just that I don't care much to get all fancy. Unless people come over..but even then it's hit and miss.  I did manage to get Ellie dressed today.  Amazing how she looks so adorable even when she has snot everywhere.  I'm working to keep it under control.

I decided I would probably start feeling better if I had some muffins.  Homemade muffins are always preferred.  So I whipped up a batch of sugar free Marionberry and Raspberry muffins adapted from Smitten Kitchen. And I learned that baking while sneezing and coughing is not ideal.
Don't worry, I will not be offering my muffins to you.  I wouldn't dream of giving you my germs or my precious sick day goodies.  I promise I am usually really good at sharing.

This is kind of what my muffins looked like:
Again, I said "kind of".   As in not really.  But sort of.  We're not aiming for looks today.

Of course the only thing on daytime television that is mildly bearable is Full House.  It was the episode where they go to Disney World and we have to wait until the very end of the 2nd episode (since the 1st leaves us on edge with that mystery "to be continued..")to learn that Michelle does in fact get chosen to be princess for a day (surprise) and Uncle Jessie sings "A dream is a wish your heart makes".  Eh.  It was a little too American Idol-esque for me.  This kind of tv makes me glad that sick days only happen every once in awhile.
I told you it said that.  Just thought you'd like to see for yourself.

I think I will be spending the rest of today dreaming.  Of somewhere fabulous.  Hmm..this sounds good.
Did I mention we're going to Hawaii in 2 weeks?  Good thing I got my sick day over with now.

Okay.  All this blogging is making me tired.  And my baby finally passed out in her Jumper.  She can't breathe out of her nose. We haven't been sleeping much.
And my cute husband just called to see if I want him to bring me some soup from Kneaders.  The answer is always YES.

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