Friday, April 8, 2011

These are a few of my not favorite things

Alright.  Maybe it's just me, but it seems as though the world has lately become obsessed with a few things that I just don't get.  If any of you can explain this to me, I would love to hear your point of view.  Until then...this is what I think about it:

Exhibit A: Lady Gaga
This is a meat dress.  This is a strange woman wearing a meat dress.  Isn't it sad that people have to go to these extremes to get attention and be famous?  And am I the ONLY one who think she's a wannabe Madonna?  Madonna times a million?  Maybe she was "Born this way", but I just wish she would GO away...

Exhibit B: Cupcakes
Huh? I seem to be one of the few people left that remember that cupcakes are not some new invention.  It's just CAKE.  Only smaller and topped with mile high frosting.  This obsession is out of control.
TV: DC Cupcakes, Cupcake Wars, Cupcake Girls,etc..
Utah: Chic Cupcake, Cupcake Cafe, So Cupcake, Mini's Cupcakes, Diva's Cupcakes, Vintage Cupcakes...get the idea?

Exhibit C: The Royal Wedding
"The wedding of the Century".  Um. I'm happy for them. I really am.  That's awesome they want to get married. Please just remind me why I should care?  I don't care about Kate's ring or her weight or her dress.  I don't care that P.W waited 8 years to propose and he likes to play Cricket and Rugby.  That's nice you want me to buy a pin for $129.99 so I can always remember they got married and you can pay for their ridiculously expensive wedding, but no thanks.  And if you ask me, I think that my OWN wedding was the wedding of the Century thank you very much.  

Exhibit D: FROYO
Don't get me wrong here. I love a little frozen yogurt every now and then too.  But I feel with something like this less is more.  Just in Provo alone we have: Spoon Me, Spoon it up, Yogurtland, Earthfruits Yogurt, Red Mango, Fusion Yogurt..and on and on we go.  The population in Provo in 2010 was 113,159.  Do we really need 6 different yogurt places to feed the craze? I don't even know how people decide which one to go to.  Before Utah I never knew there was such desperation for FROYO.

Okay. I'm done. 

Oh wait, I almost forgot.

Exhibit E: Glee
I really don't get this one. And I don't want to.  It's trashy and is marketed to teenagers, but Producers for the show have actually admitted it's really made for adults or more specifically Men.  That's disgusting.  And although it deals with important topics such as homosexuality, teen pregnancy, and underage drinking, the problem is the fact that it's promoted not discouraged.  Thanks Glee for ruining the future generation.  Say what you will. This is what I think.

Okay now I'm really done.  Did I miss anything?


  1. Yes you did. You missed CHARLIE SHEEN. I do not get the huge deal over him right now at all. It's ridiculous. Our country seriously has their priorities all wrong when it comes to actual news. Celeb news is so blown out of proportion. I feel sorry for the people that report on it. Their lives have no meaning. :) And P.S. I don't even like frozen yogurt. Gross.

  2. So, I agree with you on most items. However...I just had the most amazing Key Lime Cupcake in the entire world, so leave me my cupcakes. For those of us who have issues with overindulgence, I would rather the cupcake than the whole dang cake. lol And Fro-yo...I'm not an addict, but I intend on becoming one. However, I don't need a million stores to know which places I adore. Love the blog!

  3. im with Marie about the cupcake, its like your own little piece and you dont have to worry about the whole cake. i always waste the rest anyway. gaga is gross, always. i heard she really can sing, but i wish she would show us that. then i might be able to accept that she is famous. Glee, just stop and take 75 percent of all televsion with you, just leave me my extreem makeover and that celeb geniology show and im good. the one plus to frogert is that if i only want to eat a dollars worth, i can. and red mango is suposed to be the heathlest cuz they use granola ;). and everybody should be more interested in their own life more than some prince of a counrty we dont live in. really. i support you girl.

  4. April, I guess I agree on most but I do love cupcakes!! and they r cute but idont go special shops to buy them i make them all by my lonesome. was reading about u going to hawaii...where are u going and when? we will b going soon too!

  5. hey- so much to say...

    first of all i love this post. i love that it's like mine but sort of the opposite. i can't agree more with the royal wedding. I JUST DON'T GET IT. i think the obsession is more justifiable if you are british but i just couldn't wrap my brain around the fact that so many americans were equally as obsessed and crazed. saw at barnes & noble an entire endcap of books just about them. there were like 12. seriously?? also- like the first comment said- charlie sheen. the guy is ugly, that show (2 1/2 Losers) is crass and just plain lame. so those are my thoughts. oh, and i can't freaking believe that meat dress. it's just so sick and wrong and sick and wrong.

    again, i think you are such a good writer and i admire & envy that you have that talent. you write exactly how you would speak and are extremely well articulated.

    what font are you using? i haven't seen it on my list of options.

    i can't believe that you love cereal as much as me. do you ever combine them? sometimes i get in the habit of waking up at 5am to eat cereal and then going back to sleep. and i also can't believe i now know someone who also loves danish butter cookies. i'm not proud to admit this but on about 3 occasions i've ate the single tin in a day- with the exception of like 5 that someone else ate.

    well- i think that's all for now.