Wednesday, December 21, 2011


What's this?

A wall in a hotel room?

Fine art in a french restaurant perhaps?

Nay, ladies and gents...this is what you find when you use the Paris airport bathroom.

That's right...I said an airport no less.

The door reaches the floor here.

And inside you find hot pink everywhere to compliment the lime green. Charming.

This leads me to wonder where my tax dollars are going in America..because it's definitely not for high quality airport restrooms. I saw the one in D.C. Me no likey.

Do you notice there are no cracks where you can kind of peep in on someone..

We don't even clean the bathrooms in states..much less paint the doors or the walls.

The men's restroom is fancier than my master bathroom. Wow.

When you've been traveling for nearly 24 hours..and you arrive in Paris for the very first time in your life, I highly recommend stopping by le toilettes...

It will be just the beginning of all your Paris dreams coming true.

Trust Moi.

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