Saturday, June 2, 2012

how we spend our days..

We are ready for summer.

This week has been non-stop.  I walked in the door last night from school and fell asleep approximately 3 minutes later.

But it's the weekend! We have plans..big plans.  Movie, pizza, swimming, snuggling..ahh.

We spent the first part of this week enjoying the sun, a campfire, and the loveliness that is the beginning of summer.

The Men.

What's camping without snacks? Elle was loving the mallows.

We played games and chased Elle around until she was banned to her Dora chair so we could eat.

Tired eyes quickly turned into "why is everyone eating MY marshmallows??"

My personal favorite. This reminds me of a picture from the book "Little Women"...


  1. Very jealous! I've been wanting to go camping again for years now! Still have yet to take the boys.

  2. Sounds like a perfect weekend :) I love that last picture!