Monday, May 28, 2012

why I love petiteBox!

I received this gem on my doorstep a few weeks ago from the lovely company petiteBox!

Have you heard of petiteBox yet?

If you're a new mama, a soon to be mama, or you know someone who is, this is pretty much the coolest gift you could give yourself or someone else.

Created for new mom's who appreciate the finer things in life, petiteBox sends out a box every month with new high-end, natural products for both mama and her babe to test at home.  They work with mama's who are in their 4th month of pregnancy until their baby's first birthday.

petiteBox delivers a different box every month that coordinates with the stage of pregnancy or the age of the little babe. I LOVE this idea. 

Inside the box I found so many things to love. When you're a new or expecting mama you want the nicest things for your little one and because petiteBox is so awesome, they throw in some great stuff for you too.

Elle loves that monkey.  She carries him around everywhere and snuggles with him, because he is soo soft.

The Lotus Infinite Love Mist smells divine and what woman doesn't want high quality stretch mark butter? Riddle me that!

I don't know about you, but my brain partially stopped functioning when I had Elle. I can't remember things, I feel like it's always going in a million different directions.  Being a mom is hard! So I love that this little box arrives at my home to help me keep on top of things I should probably have on hand for myself and my babe.

They even send out these helpful how-to's that include how to pick out a diaper bag and what to expect at the age and stage my baby or pregnancy is at.  Loooove.

Until recently, PetiteBox has only been available outside the U.S.  Lucky for us (those that live in the United States) they just launched in NYC so now we can have the very best for our little ones delivered right to our door!

I've been working with this company for a few months now and honestly, they are fabulous.  I've been really impressed with them and I think great customer service is always the best indicator for an awesome company. 

Go here to learn more about petiteBox.

So if you're stumped about what to get a new mama for a gift or if you want to pamper yourself a little bit, because you've got a little one, head over to their website and become a petiteBox member!


  1. That really does look like a great unique gift. I will have to remember this for the next baby shower. Found you through the Monday link up,Happy to be your newest follower and I look forward to future reads here.

  2. Hey! I found your blog through another and I love it x

    I think this 'PetiteBox' is a lovely idea! We don't have anything like that in England. It's a great way to try new things. A lovely way to pamper you and your baby =)

    I'm now following you!

    Rachael xx

  3. I love the Petite Box. That is a great idea! I'm a new follower from Mom's Monday Mingle. Have a great evening!

  4. You just remember that I like this, k? :)

  5. um questions. have you tired bluum? its the same thing different club. i just bought a three month.. i am curious as to how they compare. Also.. have you heard of wittlebee? its a box like that but it has clothes in it and they go up to 5T. Its only $40 dollars a month and you get 8 items, they are like baby gap and such. You get to pick your style and your stylist calls you and asks question. i haven't tried that one yet but i am thinking about it.