Sunday, September 23, 2012

sunday best

This week has been filled with an abundance of:

*Downton Abbey...why can't I ever get enough of this?!
*Green Smoothies
*Time with my little babe thanks to being sick. Never have I appreciated sickness so much before.
*Joy-from finding the most incredible pair of jeans I could ever dream of
*Reminders that in 6 months I will be saying farewell to Utah forever
*Great flicks- "Trouble with the curve" "Katy Perry: Part of me"...I joke. I kid. No actually I loved it. 
*Beautiful changing colors every time I walk outside
*Fall bike rides

There's been an absence of these over the last week as well:

*Sugar, Fast Food, and really anything that doesn't belong in that vegetable marked drawer in my fridge
*Frustration because I'm still doing the same old dumb thing while hoping for different results
*Football...major bonus of not having tv
*Cleaning...hey I tried.

Things are as hectic as ever and I know it seems strange to add more stress (like what the heck will I eat because I can't handle anymore spinach..), but actually that kind of stress is irrelevant compared to the constant nagging I did to myself before beginning all of this. 

Tonight was a family dinner and I wasn't even slightly tempted by those homemade brownies and lasagna. No really. I could have those anytime in my life. In fact I've probably had them more times than I can count. So what's the big deal anyway?

I just told myself that I could eat that lasagna instead of my sprouted wheat bread with almond butter, (by the way my entire family thought I had lost my mind) but that I just didn't want to. Somehow, because it made it sound like I was more in control of the situation, I believed myself and did not partake of said unhealthy-not raw in any way-kind of gross when you think about it- food.

It was worth it. I feel awesome.

-My nausea is minimal compared to everyday of the last 3 1/2 years
-I'm tired, but seem to have a lot of energy still
-Feeling great in the mornings (miracle)


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  1. Have you been tested for Celiac disease? It does run in our family