Wednesday, September 19, 2012

too much driving, not enough chocolate

My day:

I woke up so tired this morning I literally didn't even open my eyes until I reached the bathroom to brush my teeth.

I drove Elle up to Salt Lake to meet my aunt who takes her for a few days so I can be at school like a madwoman and still have most of the week with my little babe.  It is exhausting for all us.

I then stopped by the market to get some more produce, came home and made a green smoothie, showered and went to school.

I was at school for less than an hour when it was discovered that Elle has that hand-foot-mouth-disgusting-thing that apparently can be caught from dirty church floors and other small children.  So I left class to drive back up to North SLC to get her and then drove home..still drinking my now warm green smoothie. Poor girl slept the whole way home.

When your baby is sick it really throws you off I tell ya. I couldn't focus on anything..mostly because I was busy fussing over her and mostly because she has been glued to my side and cries when I move without her.  It really is so wonderful being a mother. But it's heartbreaking to see them hurting with not much for you to do about it.

So I took her on a walk. She played with the leaves and we both enjoyed the sun for awhile. It was warm and comforting and made us both happy.

This "raw" thing is still going great. Okay it sucks, but I haven't cheated once and I'm determined to stay with it. It only sucks, because today every craving I've ever had in my life came back to me.

Enchiladas. Tortellini. Tortilla chips.

Tomorrow my school is doing a fundraiser for Juvenile Diabetes and I'm supposed to make something for the bake sale. I volunteered my services long before I knew I wouldn't be able to have even a single bite. It still counts if someone else bakes it, true? Like Lofthouse or Great Harvest?

Because the smell of cookies or something in my house would mean complete torture and I prefer to not use torture methods in this little apartment of mine.  Could I really not even try the batter?  Pssh. Nope. Let's get real here.  It's only day 3 not day 30 and I am lacking willpower today.

I did find a way to cure my sweet tooth for like a second. Shout out to Pinterest.

These are really, really, ridiculously tasty (only better with chocolate, but anyway..)

Raw Sugar Cookies:

1 C. Almonds
1 C. Dates

Blend together in food processor or high powered blender until sticky. Roll out with rolling pin until 1/2 inch thick. Use your fav cookie cutters to make them all cute and stuff.

I feel decent. I'm soo tired, but I'm not sure if that's from needing more energy (From what I'm eating) or because I woke up at 5 a.m.

In a little while I'll go for a run and then welcome bedtime with my fav Sleepytime Vanilla Herbal Tea.

Here's to tomorrow...

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