Thursday, January 5, 2012

fries good enough for stealing

We spent some time in Caen, France which is a bit North of Paris.

Home of:

 *William the Conqueror's Castle.

*Some of the best food in the whole country

*a fry thief

*the coziest bed on the entire trip

I love this house.

the castle was pretty cool, but not as exciting as I thought it would be (we're so honest around here)

So we practiced guarding the cannon just in case of an attack. Andrew wins, but I'm still fierce. Kind of.

Elle played "Prisoner for a day"..she loved it of course.

Alright she didn't actually like it that much.

I fell in love with this church and for a moment I wished I could live France anything's possible, didn't you know?

While walking the streets of Caen that night with some french fries a guy walked past us and stole it right out of my brother in law's hand. And then he ran off.

Being the (fierce) woman that I am I yelled "Hey!"...which did absolutely nothing for that guy's conscience, because he kept running. Maybe I should have tripped him.

Weirdly enough, the guy's friend stopped and apologized and offered to pay for our fries. We said no, mostly because we were in shock. I spent the rest of the trip looking over my shoulder..especially while hoarding my precious fries.

But this was a valuable lesson to me. Money in France is important. But the fries are so good they're worth stealing. Hmm.

No, seriously..they are really good.

We were fry-less, but happy.


  1. This is sooo awesome! Except for the fry thievery of course. I'm the biggest francophile ever and I love hearing other people's adventures over there.

  2. i love the pictures of ellie the most! but paris is beautiful!