Monday, January 23, 2012

minty fresh and floral fierce!

Let it be known that while I love all things France I was kind of in need of some space.

You see, spending hours looking through my pictures has made me a bit well...homesick. For a country that I don't live in nor have I ever called home (except in my heart!). It was so dreamy..yes it was.

So in the midst of my french "breakup" of sorts, there are a few things I've been obsessing over...allow me to elaborate.

Mint. It is a glorious color.

Florals...especially my new floral sequined flats. bomb.diggity.

Sweet Potato chips! Have you had these yet? Do it!

Love this show. Loooooooove.

Snow. Because even if it's cold, it's still so dang pretty.

and finally...

Red, White, and Blue? Oh I'm feeling it...but the Nautical version. All in favor of Newt G. being one annoying guy? Aye! Aye! Captain!

and now a word from the gal who writes this blog...

Attention lovely Ladies and Gents!

Although it seems I've been a bit absent lately I would like to blame my M.I.A status on the following:

1.) Being a wife, mama, housekeeper, cook, laundry-doer, and church-goer. Oh and did I mention a full-time Cosmetology student?

2.) Watching endless hours of "Parks and Recreation" while doing most of the things listed above.

3.) Chasing after my little babe..she's walking and talking and more precious than ever. Her new words? "Um" and "Whoa"...the first to be used when I ask her a question, but she has no other words in her vocabulary. The second whenever she gets a little tipsy trying to walk..well anywhere. She catches herself midfall and yells "Whoa, whoa, whoa!" 

4. Searching for the person who taught my 1 year old the words "Um" and "Whoa".

5. Spending the weekend in Salt Lake City with the guy of my dreams...we shopped. We ate. We loved. That is all.

6. Recovering from a near fatal hair incident..don't worry, I intend to fill ya in on the story soon.



  1. Love the mint! Whoever woulda thought... Always thought of Hospital Green negative connotations, but it is truly a magical color! And yes, Newt is bad news for America ~ A Progressive in Sheep's clothing trying to pass for a tea-party candidate. I pray we don't end up with him or Obama again!

  2. Oh I totally understand the homesickness for a place that you've never actually called home. Who knows, any chance that your husband could get stationed somewhere in Europe?