Monday, February 27, 2012

less talk more pictures


It's not been working so well for me lately. Or possibly..ever.

I'm still not quite sure how saying the word "circus" became "surrogate" and when I tried to correct those misunderstood they nodded their heads and politely mouthed to each other, "mmhmm..surrogacy."


Marriage requires communication so Andrew and I talk a lot about..everything. We're improving a little everyday.

While talking about what Disney movies we should buy Elle, Andrew said, "hey you know that little old lady who walks her dog that's Dora's friend?"

Let's all assume he's referring to Dora the Explorer, Ellie's t.v bff.

"Little old lady? Do you mean Benny the Bull?"

"C'mon you know who I'm talking about. Dora's FRIEND. The little old lady who always walks her dog."

"Map? Backpack? I have no idea who you're talking about"

"What?! Yes you do.  Dora's friiiennnd" (because enunciation is clearly the problem here)

"Yeah I don't watch the show honey, I don't know all of Dora's friends."


" know I'm talking about our neighbor Dora, right?"

"Ohhh you mean Shirley!"

So from now on I'll just let my camera do all the talking..courtesy of my pretty new iphone..

I found this gorgeous blue paint at my aunt's to use for my bathroom only to realize it's coincidentally the exact same shade (different brand) as my bedroom. No wonder I liked it. Paint fail.

                                Her favorite place to play in the whole house.

               Thanks Costco for helping me relive some of the greatest cartoons from my childhood!

You know that thing that you keep reminding yourself to buy, but you never get around to it? Mine was towels...ahh new towels really are the best.

Colored skinnies are taking over my order: mustard, cobalt, blue sky, rose, spearmint, gray, ivory, coral, midnight, minty fresh, forest green

how was your weekend?

p.s- Voxer is the coolest app on the me.

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  1. ROFL...remember when you talk to certain people and say the word circus; we are old and our hearing isn't the best .

    Love the pants. I am beginning to realize you really LOVE clothes :)

  2. i want all your colored skinny jeans!! seriously lets go shopping. and please can we watch chip and dale together? now i need to make a costco trip...

  3. Oohh! I'm in love with colored skinnies too! Where have you gotten yours? I've gotten all of mine from F21 but I think I need a new watering hole.

  4. That's funny. I can't count the number of times per week my understanding of what my children are actually saying versus what I am hearing gets all mixed up. Love your writing style. Funny and refreshing!

  5. I love each of you! Shawna my skinnies are primarily from F21 and Jess it's a date of Rescue Ranger proportions! Jen you are fabulous!