Saturday, February 11, 2012

decisions, decisions

Andrew trying to explain the meaning of life to me

This week we found out that Andrew has been offered a Pilot slot for the Air Force.

We are just a bit excited around here.

However I do have a few concerns..

One of them being that all the pilot schools are located (in my opinion) in really interesting locations. I shall not name them so as not to offend. But feel free to google if you so choose.

Basically all of these places are located in a region of the U.S. of A that I have yet to experience.  The "norms" in these places are quite different than what I'm used to...despite my grief over ugly terrain or the beach, secretly I'm looking forward to a change of pace.


a.) I am terrified of the naturally I know I would never try it unless I lived in a place where I was considered an outcast. Only because I do not prefer alligator or frog legs for any kind of meal.

b.) I'm not positive about this, but it seems like if there was ever a place to be surrounded by women with big hair, this is it!

c.)  I would consider it an honor to live anywhere near Billy the Exterminator or my personal favorites, the gems of "Swamp People".

Oh and one more thing...

This show is the key to knowing where to find the crazies in America.

While discussing details over dinner, Andrew asked why I was so against living in certain places.

Easy peasy man. American Idol has all the answers. It's the most reliable source next to Wikipedia.

I watch those auditions. I know where the crazies live. Andrew thinks you can't make a decision about a place based off a reality show.  Psssh.

I beg to differ.

I watched Courtney flaunt her trashiness on "The Bachelor" this week in Panama and I feel confident that anywhere she is I do not want to be. Gross.

Speaking of Idol, Steven Tyler is a seriously dirty old man. Everytime a girl comes into the auditions and then says how "hot" S.T is I just get all barfy inside. He and Courtney should hang out. And someone should tell him to cut his hair so he doesn't do such of an excellent job of looking like a woman..

or he at the very least looks like a man who's trying to look like a woman.

So at the end of the day my point is that I will continue to base all major life decisions off reality shows. It's worked well so far, why stop now?

p.s- congrats about Pilot school are cooler than cool :)


  1. But you have to keep in mind that American Idol attracts weird singer people. They are the weirdest of them all! :)

  2. I thought for sure I left a comment on here!! but yay! and i will be talking to you about my fav parts at school!