Wednesday, February 15, 2012

a slice of happy with my cake, please..

You know what really puts a damper on your birthday?

When you tell people how old you are (because they asked) and then they wish you condolences, because you are only ONE year away from the "big" year.

So I would like to now publicly announce that so far 29 is awesome and I'm betting that my "big" year of 30 will be even more awesome-er.

I'm determined to defy all social norms and love the last year of my 20's, but also totally dig my 30's. It's gonna rock. I can already tell.

Here's how I know this...

Day ONE of being 29 I laid around and watched episodes of shows I've seen a million times.  Obviously this is symbolic for the millions of moolah I'm sure we'll be making this year.

I also found myself cleaning my house. Something I vowed to never do on my birthday. This is definitely a sign that I will continue to work hard and refuse to quit when the going gets tough.  And that I'm for sure going to reach my goal of returning my Redboxes on time since I failed at this during the 28th year of my life.

And the best part of the first day of my 29th year started like this...

I thought Andrew was picking me up for our date, but it turned out to be my friend Kelcie who drove me to Andrew's old apartment when we were dating. She handed me a note from Andrew that was really mushy and awesome which I read on my way up the stairs.

And that's when I saw..

Nelson! Actual name: Melody. But we served a mission together so last names are a go for us. She wished me happy birthday, ordered me to get in her car, and then we drove to a certain location where Andrew and I spent the majority of our first date and have reminisced about since then.  I was handed my second awesome love note from Andrew and then kept walking til I was approached by...

Matt and Sarah! I got in their car (I'm so trusting) and was handed a pair of Mint jeans! Then we drove to an undisclosed location that happens to have a scenic view of perfection and at the top there was the man of the hour! He even had my Sweet Tooth Fairy Cupcakes lit and fancy-like on top of our car..

Soo sparkly! We shared with Matt and Sarah since they were low on gas and we are kind people.

We dined, we danced, we did things lovers do (ahem..don't worry about it)..perfection.

I have a great husband, a sweet daughter, and everything I need in life.

Don't fear's pretty fabulous if you ask the right people :) pants pics commmmiiiinnnngggg!

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  1. Sounds absolutely wonderful!=) Happy Belated Birthday! And good luck with the Red Box husband and I are AWFUL about returning them. They make so much money off of us!