Friday, January 7, 2011

Gingerbread houses, Italian food, and a little white bear

For Christmas we thought it would be awesome to do some Gingerbread houses with our good friends the McCammons... Andrew made a Temple. Yup that's Captain Moroni on top made out of a starburst. 

Matt decided his "house" would not really be a house at all...just something really tall. So he ended up stacking everything he could think of to have the tallest gingerbread house there ever was. He was very proud.
The guys both had their "hardcore" knives with know, just in case a bear attacks or maybe a wolf? No animal attacks happened so instead they used their knives to cut graham crackers and candy.  They are so tough.
 Ellie got to be Santa this year...her little boots are my favorite part! And if you look closely you can see that I painted her nails.
                                                          My two favorite people :)

This year we had a front yard where we built my FIRST snowman ever!! He was a Missionary of course..
 Christmas morning...Andrew was up most of the night with Ellie, trying to figure out how to wrap the Treadmill (behind me) was a success! And also just a really great day. Not pictured: the leopard print snuggie that was in my stocking haha
Happy New Year to Ellie girl! She looked so warm and cozy it made me wish I had a bear suit myself.
 This is Tirimisu. We had a New Year's Eve dinner at Cafe Paesan in Orem that ended with this deliciousness. Ok I had one bite and then Andrew devoured the rest. Either way, it looks pretty. AND the food was should go there.
Hope everyone had a great New Year's..last year was full of adventures and we're excited to find out what 2011 has in store for us!


  1. What a CUTE family you have!!!! Hooray for a blog too!!! :o) If you send me you're email address on FB I will invite you to my blog, if you would like! :o) Love all these pictures, and you look great!!!!

  2. I LOVE her nails! Way Cute!! :-)

    Allie had a little bear suit like that as well. So nice and warm and cozy. be a little one again! ;-)

  3. I am sure Moroni was honored to be made out of Starbursts. Really. April, motherhood just never stops it paybacks! Enjoy the journey. Great snowman. Not so sure about two men with knives on the same blog page as our baby in a bear suit! It's a good thing you are there!