Wednesday, January 26, 2011

You can't win without Emilio

Last friday night we decided to meet up with some friends to watch a BYU Hockey game.  You can see how excited Ellie was about it.  Andrew was in heaven as he loves anything that isn't sissy, girly stuff.  Hockey at BYU is apparently not much like "real" hockey as everyone is mostly well behaved and only one small fight broke out during the entire game.  I don't know much about Hockey except that if I were a Goalie I'd have killer thigh muscles from being in a lunge position for three hours straight every game.  Also I kept wondering when they were going to do the "Flying V" because that really saved the game in "The Mighty Ducks"...I guess they were waiting for Emilio Estevez to show up and since he didn't, I'm assuming that's why BYU lost.  Still a fun game and we looove our friends.  Shout out to Geoff who spent $5 to throw 5 hockey pucks into a center ring to win a prize. He did win: A 3 Musketeers bar which probably cost 50 cents.  Good times in Utah.

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  1. That is so sweet! We were with Great Grandpa Vern for 4 days last week and he keeps picturing in his mind Andrew coming home and playing with Ellie. He giggles when he's talking about it and his whole face lights up! Ellie is the little girl most talked about in Olympia and Seattle!