Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sleep...the distant memory.

I love sleep. Andrew loves sleep. So does Ellie. So to summarize...we all love to sleep in this family. Problem. Ellie has decided it's much cooler to sleep during the day than at night.  I'm assuming she inherited this from me since I've always had a preference for the "night owl" side of life.  I've never quite understood the people that love early mornings.  An old roommate once told me how she just loved to be awake early enough to see the sunrise and hear the birds sing...well that's just not me.  And just the other day Andrew commented how he wished we were on the same schedule so that we could both be up early. I politely reminded him that at this phase of life, there is really no time when I'm not "up".  I have seen enough sunrises from my living room windows lately to last me a lifetime...
So to help Ellie want to sleep at night instead of during the day we've been waking her up every 3 hours and then at night we don't wake her at all.  I've been told this helps babies figure out the difference between night and day.  This is NOT working.  Now she's just little miss cranky pants all day and then she's still up all night!  Since we hang out all the time, I'm getting a little tired.  However to distract me from my sleep deprivation today, after I gave her a bath, she gave me a big smile that reminded me of a song, "don't worry 'bout a thing..cause every little thing is gonna be alright!"
Okay okay I love her. Way more than sleep.  And although I'm probably turning into Miss Cranky Pants myself, as long as I get at least one of these a day I think I'm gonna be alright. :)


  1. That is the sweetest smile....and makes all your sleep-deprivation well worth it! She is sooo beautiful!

  2. She's so cute April! I love her little smile! Hang in there, some day she'll sleep and so will you.

  3. This just might be the cutest picture I've seen of her. I love it! Good luck with the sleep thing. We're not sleeping through the night here yet, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will happen soon.

  4. I love her. And you! But that smile is making me tear up right now...hate that you are so far!