Thursday, January 20, 2011

Karoake night at Guru's!

This is Sarah.
She is my workout buddy, a thrift store expert, and the craftiest person I know. For all I know she most likely made that outfit she's wearing in the picture.  Seriously..that's how cool she is.
Sarah is married to Matt.  He also served as a missionary in the Colorado Denver North Mission. He and Andrew are both drummers and like to tell lame jokes.  The most interesting thing we have learned about Matt recently is that he eats at J-Dawgs,( a local hot dog place near BYU campus) 3 times a week. Wow.

So on Saturday night the five of us (Ellie included!) decided to go to Guru's for dinner.  Guru's is a restaurant decorated with really cool modern art and they have a variety of good stuff to choose from.  Their sweet potato fries are THE best and really the main reason we ever go to Guru's although I happen to love everything about it.
  While at dinner, another mission buddy, Geoff (we pronounce it G-off),showed up by surprise with a date. They joined our table and while they were eating their sweet potato fries, some guy made an announcement that there would be karoake that night! We once tried to find a place that did karoake and all we came up with was Applebee's on Tuesday nights. Random. 
Sooo...we were pretty excited and after listening to a guy with a glow stick around his neck sing two or three songs, Andrew, Geoff, and Matt decided to get up there and show everyone how it's done.  I wish I had brought the camera!!  Andrew chose Kelly Clarkson's "Since you been gone" and he and Geoff sang their little hearts out while Matt did some dancing.  When they got on stage they made sure to point to us so that everyone would know we were with them. I don't think any of them will be making it onto American Idol anytime soon.
The next day when Matt and Sarah came over, the first thing that Matt said to Andrew was, "Did you feel like an idiot when you woke up this morning?" hahaha..
Andrew specifically asked me to write about this, because he doesn't want to forget how awesome it was..Guru's karoake night will be seeing us again soon.     LOVE it!


  1. ha ha Andrew loved every second of that...and Matt well...I think we all know he didn't.

  2. We'll make sure Matt gets to pick the song next time.

  3. April, I'm so happy that you've gone public! Hurray! Sweet baby, looks like you've got a sweet life. Love ya! Elaine