Thursday, March 31, 2011

Give me a "N"!

You know how some people claim that Cheerleading is a sport?  I think that's questionable. I mean I guess I can see how yelling a lot and standing on someone's hands while holding a cardboard letter requires some coordination.  And when you go to sports games you see cheerleaders there so maybe that counts too.  All the cheerleaders I've known well (a.k.a my mission compy) fiercely defend the idea that it's a sport with much vigor and intensity.


I would just like to say that my own personal experience with the sport/non-sport hardly burned any calories or gave me a good workout. What a disappointment. I might as well have been golfing which apparently is also a sport.
Okay so I wasn't wearing a skirt so short it could be turned into a belt and my hair had no ribbons in it, but I did cheer this morning with all my might a new favorite word.  A simple, delicate, barely used 3 letter word. The most precious of it's kind.


That's right.  There was a lot of (quiet) cheering going on this morning once all three girls (Ellie and the two little babes I nanny) went down for a nap.  Can I puh-lease have a moment of silence for the sacred fact that in my house RIGHT NOW there is...silence.  It's blissful.

So let's all have a shout out in classic cheerleader fashion for naptimes and bedtimes and really anytime that it's quiet and you can have a little piece of the day to yourself. Don't be shy..let it out!  And then once you've done so feel free to collapse on the nearest mattress or couch and appreciate every second of that silence, because we all know it probably won't last long.

But before you go here's a few pictures of the cutest sleepy girl ever.

Happy Cheering!


  1. She looks a lot like Andrew in the second picture! And funny, we had that exact same shirt she's wearing in the last picture. Did you steal it?

  2. I love reading your blog. I love that you are so happy. I think your tiny girl has a sweet face, and I love the picture of her sleeping with her daddy while hugging his arm. So cute. I wish I lived closer so I could visit you sometimes.