Monday, March 21, 2011

Lucky and Charming

We like birthdays around here..a lot.

I'm kind of excited for more kids so we have even more birthdays to celebrate.

Andrew's birthday is on St. Patty's day so I threw him a surprise party. Look how surprised he is.
Turning 23 is a big deal. So we had a feast fit for a King. A 23 year old King.
Rainbow Cupcakes = lots of work = totally worth it

Homemade Oreos..the best kind of Oreo

Devil's Food cupcakes with Grasshopper mint cookie frosting

 Lucky Vanilla Green Cupcakes

  M&M Rainbow Chocolate Chip Cookies

  Mint and Chocolate Oreo Truffles ala Sarah

    Mint White Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Sticks

Mint Vanilla Chocolate Cupcakes

A birthday party isn't a real party without super cool games so we played...
M2WI is a popular tv show where contestants play simple games in 60 seconds to win BIG money..for example:
The winning team won Reeses PB cups because they are the birthday boy's favorite!

Here are some of the peeps that came and enjoyed the shindig!

For Andrew's birthday I got him concert tickets so we can go see one of his fav bands Local Natives next month, new shoes, and an HBO series about WW2 "The Pacific"

Happy 23 honey!


  1. Wow, that's a lot of treats! You out did yourself! Glad he was surprised and glad you all had fun.

  2. How fun!!! Look at you miss party queen!!! All that food looks so YUMMY!!!! You did an awesome job on his party!!! :D

  3. Yeah, that is a LOT of treats! I'm impressed with your efforts, April! Seriously, he's just turning 23??? I had no idea. He must be super-mature. Or maybe he's just perfect for my immature friend April. :) Love you, girl!

  4. Wow, what a party. You went all out for your hubby, April. It looked like fun!! We got "The Pacific" from the library. It really made you feel like you understood what soldiers have to go through. I wonder if it would be hard for Vets to watch.