Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Little Girl Blue

This cute little thing is getting bigger and bigger by the hour! She looks so small here, but to my eyes I think she is huge.  Maybe this is because I remember how tiny she was at 6lbs..a bit easier to carry then too :)
Daddy got her ready for church this morning..once we got to church I noticed that the ruffles on her tights were in the front and I had to laugh when he told me he thought it looked weird. Although he also confessed that ruffles on tights in general just shouldn't happen. I think they're pretty cute.  P.S-Shout out to Brittany for having such cute taste in little girl's clothing (thanks Maeli!)..Ellie will be sporting her new pink boots as soon as she fits into them!
I was busy and Andrew had to put her down for a second so he chose the closest location..our laundry basket.  She was less than thrilled.  I love the smell of freshly washed clothes..I guess we're different in that way.
Little Girl loves to smile.  That is until she notices one of us holding the camera and then it's frown city.  BUT I was able to capture this grin in the split second before she saw the camera..she is happy and she likes to show it!
This is my favorite of them all.  I wish her blue eyes were brighter in the picture. She has the sweetest face.


  1. She is so CUTE April! Love the pictures!!

  2. Ellie is on my computer desktop screen smiling at me every day. Love that little Great Granddaughter!