Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Another year gone by..

Love her. Love this picture and those cute chubby cheeks.
 Ellie turned 3 months old on my 28th birthday.  That's right people, I am now the big 2-8.  Apparently I am not the only one having a hard time accepting this.  My grandma refused to agree that I am anything over 25 (because it makes HER older..) and I received a birthday card from my mom that said "Happy 27th!"..

So for my 28th birthday Andrew took me to a glamorous city with lights and celebrities.  You guessed it. Salt Lake City.  And by celebrities I mean the ones that speak twice a year in General Conference although we unfortunately didn't have any "sightings".  We stayed at a hotel near Temple Square and did lots of shopping.  On our way to SLC we stopped in Sandy so I could begin my birthday celebration the right way with these:
Johnny Carino's Italian Nachos.  Well, these aren't the exact ones we ate. In fact, this isn't even my picture.  The point is that they are delicious and they can complete any birthday, bad day, or any day at all.  Try them. Sorry to be so bossy.  But seriously.

Next we checked in at our hotel and Andrew finally gave me my presents that I waited ALL day long for!  Actually I prefer to open my presents on the night of my birthday..I enjoy the anticipation of wondering what they might be. And they were, of course, fabulous.  I have a great husband.

So after some shopping we went to Rumbi for was the sweet potato fries calling our name.  Basically demanding we enjoy my once a year birthday dinner there.  Here we are..
I don't actually like this picture because I'm wearing about 7 layers of clothing and I find that doesn't do much for your figure on camera.  But I do love my coat.  It's purple and very soft and it was on sale which made me love it even more.

Did I mention Andrew's mama was in town so she was watching Ellie at our house back in Provo.  Just in case you were wondering where she was.

Andrew did so many nice things for my birthday.  I love him. A lot.

So Ellie and I are a bit older and wiser too. It was a good day.

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  1. Happy 28th Birthday to you and happy 3 months to Ellie!! :o) Sounds like you had a wonderful brithday and got spoiled rotten! :D K, so I was looking at you're pictures at the top of you're blog,and did you and Andrew meet on the mission?!