Thursday, June 9, 2011

In the name of love

Tonight we reminisced a bit. 

About the good ol' days when we dated and never slept and laughed a lot because we were so tired.

And then we remembered when my husband to be (at the time) used all his savings to buy a jeep so he could come see me everyday of his life. 

Because he used all of his savings to purchase the Jeep...a job was in order.

So he could buy me a fancy ring and we could get married.

But I learned something new tonight.

The only job he could find that would work with his school (pronounced SH-ool in our house) was at the BYU Creamery factory.  There may be a fancier name for the place, but if there is..I don't know it.


We talked and laughed about how he would call me feeling sick because he ate too many exotic cheeses that day. 

Or too much bread.

He hates seeing food go to waste so when they gave out free stuff he took full advantage.

But really, who wants to slice cheese for minimum wage for the rest of their life?

He then confessed that that was actually the high roller job in the joint.

Apparently, one day, when there wasn't much to do in the cheese department, they sent him to work in the fridge area.

And there he chopped onions for hours.

And cried and cried.

But only because it was an onion..he wasn't sad.  And he wasn't alone.  There were many other onion choppers there..wiping away tears with each draw of the knife.

He said the worst part was how cold it was in there.

Like a fridge.  But colder.

And he had to wear a coat with a hoodie underneath just to stay warm while he cried.

He explained he never told me that story of the onions so I wouldn't feel sorry for him.  And that he knew he'd never get anywhere there..because his boss only saw him as another guy to chop onions.

Unfortunately, it's a job without much appreciation.

So I told him that I appreciated it...even though I didn't know.

He said he did it all for love and would do it again in a heartbeat.

And then I smooched him.


  1. I love he that he is such a good guy and that you love each other so much :)

  2. that was super cute. it's sort of funny picturing him all bundled up chopping onions. ok, actually really funny. good times for sure. -xo

  3. btw- i LOOOVE the font you're using. i only have like 7 font options. it sucks.