Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Post-Surgery thoughts..

Yesterday I had my surgery.  Here are the few things I remember before my operation..

-Bob Marley playing on the radio in the car while Andrew reassured me that I wouldn't die.

-We watched the E! True Hollywood Story about Star Jones and I got to learn all about when she became a diva and how she became a tyrant and so unlikeable on "Celebrity Apprentice."  This was while waiting for the surgeon to arrive.  I learned a lot.

-The nurses made me drink this awful biocarbonate stuff that was so bitter, but somehow had the remarkable after taste of SweetTarts.  This was so the acid wouldn't cause complications during the surgery.

-My surgeon wears the tightest scrubs I've ever seen.  Like skin-tight.  We hoped it was just a fluke the first time we met with him, but nope..that's how he rolls.  

-I have the sweetest, most kind husband on the planet.  He thinks I'm hot in a hospital gown and that's really saying something.

So the surgery went well.  I now have seven incisions on my tummy and each one hurts a lot, but mostly the top one because it's very bruised from where they put the microscope. Ow.  Oh and the hospital was kind enough to give us a gift basket when the blinds fell off the window last night.  We didn't mention it was kind of Andrew's fault that it happened...are we bad people?

I've been living on a healthy diet of water, chicken broth, cable tv, and morphine.

But right now the morphine has worn off. I am back home, and my whole body hurts from my head to my toes.  Andrew should be back any minute to drug me up so I can go back to sleep for the rest of the day.

On a happy note, my sister is here!
Andrew's sis is here too and they've been helping hold down the fort and watch Ellie since I won't be able to lift her or anything over 2 pounds for the next month. LOVE them. 

Would you believe that it hurts to drink water right now? 


  1. :( ugh incisions bruises and pain sound so yucky. But I am so glad it went well!! And that you are alive. ;)

  2. Wow! Feel better soon lovely lady!

  3. Well I am glad you are home and are feeling a bit better. By the beginning of next week you should be doing a whole lot better. The first three days after surgery are always the worst.
    We love you and are thinking of you . Keeping you in our prayers .The hardest part of this will be the not eating real food. I know that feeling all too well. I am sorry you had to go through all of this but hopefully this will solve your issues.

    love you

  4. i'm glad you made it through it.

    - i'm sure you DO look way hot in a hospital gown
    - i would have liked to have seen the doctor in the tight scrubs... it seems like it would be an amusing thing to witness.
    - glad your sis is there & that you have such a great hubby.


  5. I hope you are feeling better!