Thursday, June 2, 2011

Trees and things

Last night..around 10pm..I decided it was the perfect time to paint the tree mural on Ellie's wall.

Not the most brilliant idea I've had lately.

It started out fine.  I was making progress and I thought, "this is a cinch..I'll be done in no time."

To reach some of the more difficult angles of the tree I started using my left hand to paint.  This is a skill I possess since I am right handed.  I used to be proud of this skill.

While I focused on carefully tracing the lines of my tree I felt something cold land on my foot.

My right hand had rebelled in anger and I had accidently tipped the container enough so that most of the paint was now down my shirt, shorts, and all over my legs. 


This was after I spilled black paint on my now white piano and sprayed the ceiling with chalkboard spray paint instead of the wall.

And to tell the truth, post-paint, all I really cared about was finding out why Locke's dad is on the island in "Lost".  Stupid cliffhangers at the end of every good episode. We're in the middle of season 3 and Andrew wanted to watch a movie so I was left in suspense. 

Does Locke's dad finally say sorry after conning Locke into giving him one of his kidneys?

How is Jack supposed to leave the island now that Locke blew up the submarine?

Will Charlie ever stop being annoying or get over his drug addiction?

If you need me I will be here..deciding what color to paint my living room and who I can pay to sew me some pillows. 

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