Thursday, November 10, 2011

5 healthy ways to get your sugar fix

So Day 5 of no sugar is going considerably better than Days 1 & 2.

Patience and willpower are the key to success.

And let me tell you..I feel good. Really good. Honestly, I already can feel a difference. I looooove it.

But. I still miss sugar. Or the thought of it anyway. Thankfully there are some great alternatives to real sugar. No...not Splenda. These are much better than that stuff (I loathe's gross).

1. sugar snap peas
I am in love with these currently. And I actually have never even liked peas. Ever. But these are different...they're sweet and crunchy and really the perfect snack. You can find them in the fresh produce section at your grocery store or if you're like me, buy them in bulk at Costco. So worth it.

2. lara bars

I was introduced to these by a good friend who was living a sugar free lifestyle. She is obviously an awesome friend, because these are delicious! They have flavors like Apple Pie, Key Lime Pie, and Cashew Cookie. My fav is Cherry Pie. It tastes just like the real thing, but the best part is that they are made with fruits and nuts only. No added sugar..just natural sugar from the fruit. SO GOOD. (Disclaimer-make sure you read the ingredients, because on the Chocolate bars they do sometimes add Evaporated Cane Juice which is just a fancy way to say "sugar").

3. clif kid organic twisted fruit ropes
These are really tasty and made sweet by sugar from fruit. Buy a box and you'll be a happy person. You'll love them and so will your kids. Win win.

4. bear naked granola
Who doesn't love granola? BN is my favorite brand for granola, because it's moist and has great flavor. Banana Nut is my favorite, because they fill it with dried bananas and almonds. The Maple Pecan is also really good. It's good for a light snack as you don't need to eat much before feeling full. Also it's nice to just have a little bit of sweetness when you're feeling deprived. You can find this at most stores including Walmart and Target.

5. carrots
Just like peas..I've never been a big carrot fan. However these are so sweet and taste so good once you've been off sugar for awhile. I find myself eating them constantly, because they're small and I can keep them in my purse, but also because they have the right amount of sweetness.

One of the coolest things is to eat sweet stuff and still feel good. Our bodies are built to love sugar and sugar is made for us to crave it. So give your body what it wants, but in a much better, healthier way!


  1. Let me just say...I needed to see this! I just told my husband that I was going to get SERIOUS about losing weight and I know sugar is my worst enemy. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Bear Naked granola (the vanilla almond)...thanks for this, really! Great help because I know when I do go off sugar, I'm going to look like somebody's rehab reject :-/

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  2. I also love Bear Naked Granola, and wasn't even aware it didn't have added sugar! I think my biggest problem would be cutting the sugar in my coffee...I am a cappuccino/latte/all flavors of yummy syrups addict lol.

    I found you on Finding New Friends Blog Hop and am now following. Would love if you could visit my blog and follow back :)

  3. Great post! I'm going to be referencing this list for sure in the next month while I go sugar free too.

  4. New follower from Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop!

  5. Have you had fruit leather? Costco. My candy.

  6. no sugar? i'd have a hard time with that! good job to you! I do like bear naked granola..yum! i'm your newest follower from the blog hop..