Monday, November 28, 2011

a few of my favorite things

Whew. So glad that's over.

Ellie's First birthday? Check.

Host Thanksgiving at my house? Check. 

Celebrate 2 year anniversary, find mustard nail polish, and take family pictures? Check, check, check! 

The day has finally arrived. The day when all the people that complain about Christmas music being played too early can no longer have their way, because Christmas is right around the corner.  

Oh yeah. 

You can bet that's all I'm listening to.  

 Move over J.Groban...there's a new favorite in town. 

Have you heard this c.d yet? SO.good.

His voice is like butter...Paula Dean must love him too.

In other news...

We have local channels back on our t.v which really means about 4 decent channels and 15 spanish channels. So we're becoming bilingual around here.

That's exciting.

 Look at my little track star all ready to brave the Black Friday crowds. And while our friends fought the good fight for Wii's and X-Boxes, we are happy to say that none were pepper-sprayed or badly injured.

 I'm on the hunt for some boots for Ellie.

 The problem is that she has wide, fat feet. They are indeed the cutest little feet in all the land. But shoemakers don't really factor in "cute" when they're making little kid boots apparently.

We love her barefoot anyway.

Here's what I'm loving right now..

 My rust colored leggings.

 My new mustard nail polish.

The Christmas tree in my living room.

 Running in the cold..feels so good!

What are you loving right now?