Tuesday, November 29, 2011

if you love me at all..

 I have exciting news.





This post was nominated as "Most Inspiring"?


"i will and i can" is basically everything I want this blog to be about.

Most blogs have some kind of focus, but for months and months I couldn't decide what mine was.  Although I do know exactly what my blog is NOT.

*You won't find me twirling in pretty dresses so you know how fashion saavy I am. I break fashion rules daily, because I basically have no fashion rules. I wear what I want when I want.

* I won't be making a million tiny snowmen out of old diaper wipe cases or whatever other crafty items you crafty people use.

*It's unlikely that you'll be cooking up some recipe I've concocted on a whim, because I'm Pioneer Woman's long lost little sister. I'm a decent cook, but nooo PW if you know what I'm saying.


I do know a thing or two about life.

*Trying to figure out how to laugh when all I want to do is cry.

*Training myself to have a positive attitude when being negative nancy is so much more fun (ok, not really)

*Looking for the good in everything and everyone..still working hard on this one.

*Becoming the kind of girl that faces challenges with her chin up, not afraid to do hard things.

*Occasionally making fun of Twilight and other things I think are ridiculous.

SO. If you agree that we need a little more laughter in life and motivation to do hard things then:

1.  Read "i will and i can"

2.  Go to "A Peek at Karen's World: And the finalists are..."

3.  Vote for me under "Most inspiring post"!

4.  Leave a comment so that someday when I'm ridiculously rich and I want to take people on a cruise I will know who is most deserving :)



  1. Oh my goodness, I am so thanksful I came across your blog. I love this post, and "i will and i can" Just wonderful, you've got my vote, dear!!

  2. I totally voted for you!
    I love reading your blog, and my husband and I are convinced that ya'll need to come hang out with us! I'm sure we'd all get along swimmingly since both of us also hate Twilight and cats, and love Kneaders!
    I'm in...so...ball's in your court ;)

  3. Hi! I'm following from Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop, nice to meet you! Very fun post by the way, I love lists like this.