Saturday, April 7, 2012

the 80's: the lovely edition

I've come down with a case of 80's love.

This is where 80's meets lovely...

neon and lace
leggings with lace  

carefree denim tops
it's all about the color 
keep it casual

dress it up
treats with a bit of color

hire someone to make you look this good..
Jellies chic 
or all grown up

where real fashion begins

polkas done right

i want that mint telephone..

shade that sun away
these would go with almost anything

or just let your eyes do all the talking
Are you suffering for 80's love too? Tell me what you're loving!


  1. What don't I love about these 80s inspired items! I love the oversized polka dots the most!

  2. I love the chunky jewelery.

    Also... I'll admit it... I am guilty of wearing a tie has a headband and turning it into a HUGE bow like what Cindy Lauper wore occasionally. I was a cool kid back in the days before motherhood.