Friday, April 27, 2012

so it has come to this

I don't know about you, but I'm having one "h" of a week.

So let's have ourselves a good laugh while we move on to the weekend, shall we?

Let the Sexy Sax man Sergio serenade you on your hot date tonight..or if you're lonely he will surely make good company.

Who can deny this Little Lad?! I don't know why he wasn't asked to perform at the Royal wedding.  Or at the very least, Edward and Bella's.

Oh Ellen.  You just keep getting funnier.

Happy Friday!


  1. Oh thank you. This was just what I needed. Baby was up at 3am, and I'll be stuck at the office till after 6. Going to be a long dreadful day... but feeling better about it after watching your videos. :)

  2. Oh man I wish Sergio would show up at MY local Ross in those suspenders! haha.

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    BTW This post cracked me up ;)

  4. That first picture makes me shiver! Love you lady!! -Mel

  5. Thanks for following The Hickman Five - I completely understand that kind of week. To quote one of my favorite movies... When life hands you lemons, f the lemonade and bail.

    Stop by anytime!