Wednesday, April 25, 2012

sheila's life lessons

Yesterday, while floating along on my cloud of a bike, I pondered life and it's wonders.

It's quite unfortunate how little time I spend doing this.  Pondering life I mean.

It really is so great. Isn't it?

I particularly love how something so simple in life can bring us so much joy. And can make us better people.

Something as small and insignificant as a bike. A bike named Sheila.

If you don't remember or have somehow forgotten what Sheila looks like, here she is. In all her glory.

She is purple. The color of royalty.

And that's a good thing, because she is actually considered royalty around here.

She does have a basket now too that makes her oh so pretty. I am the owner of the sweetest bike on the street!

Stop drooling.

Sheila's been a real standup gal. She's been with me through it all. "All" of this last month and a half that is.

I've learned some life lessons during this time. Some I hope to pass on to others. Some I hope to never relive again.

1.  Taking your shirt off during high traffic times is a no.

On my way to school a few weeks ago it was a bit chilly so I had a sweatshirt on. Dumb idea, because I always get hot in like the first 30 seconds, but anyway after about 10 minutes I was basically sweating. So as cars drove by, I stopped to remove my sweatshirt. I was fortunate enough to pull off my shirt in the process as well. Which I didn't realize until it was off completely. So I struggled to put it back on quickly, but it was too late. The damage had been done. Now my whole neighborhood thinks I'm a floosy. And they know I'm into lace. I am ashamed. Lesson learned.

2.  There are signs everywhere.

I tend to ignore advertising while I'm driving, mostly because it's annoying. But when you're biking it can't be avoided. And really..there's some gems out there that just shouldn't go without recognition.

Thanks local carwash. I really needed this inspirational message today. I feel so motivated to clean my car and kneel down in prayer all at the same time. Weird.  

3. Fashion shows are even better on a bike.

You can't wear just anything on a bike these days. It's important to consider fashion when riding your bike to the store, school, or even just a nice stroll down the block.  This essential rule has caused me to seriously reflect on my biking attire. I give all credit to Saved By The Bell, because the show's really been my inspiration for my latest fashion finds. I want those peeps driving by in cars to know that I heart the 80's! 
  My pumped up kicks. Bring on the neon!

4. "Hey girl, I love the way you look like a maniac after riding your bike for an hour."

 I'm confident that Ryan Gosling should have a "hey girl" caption that goes a little something like this. Because he always says the things that girls love most.  And the truth is you and hotness do not go together after cruising on your bike. In fact, you probably look like a crazy person. But that's alright, because if you're like me, you've got an awesome husband who sees you and says,

 "Baby your hair looks AWESOME!" with the most amount of sincerity and sweetness that you could ever dream of. 

And that's when you know.

Life is soooo much better with the beach cruiser of your dreams.

And little moments of undressing in public, sweating like a wild animal, and ridiculous hair become so worth it when you realize that your life would not really have been complete without the lovely bike that brings so much happiness and the man who let you buy it.

Life is GOOD. 

Lessons learned.


  1. Ok, you are making me want a bike.

  2. I love your bike! I wish I had a pretty bike :) I actually have nightmares about the whole pulling the sweatshirt off and accidentally pulling my shirt off!

  3. The bike looks great - I would be a danger to other road users on a bike its so long since I have ridden one.