Thursday, April 5, 2012

oh the horror..

'Tis the weekend!


Although I admit that life is so short and we need to take opportunities to enjoy it as much as possible.

Today for example I saw something that I hope to never see again.

But I carpe diemed the crap out of today. I did.

There I was driving to school when I came upon a stoplight. Naturally, this is the perfect time to stare at other drivers and pedestrians.

Girl with awesome shade of lipstick? Check.

Boy staring in a daze counting down the seconds til the light turns green? Check.

Man with finger up his nose like he's reaching for the sky? Check..wha?

It was bad peeps.

Real bad.

So bad that I couldn't look away. Eyes wide, mouth open. Then the light turned green. But I couldn't take my eyes off this guy. Or his nose.  I wanted to, but I could not get over the fact that he was picking his nose with all of his might in crazy traffic, middle of the day, when all of us have arrived at a complete stop.

I turned right, but was forced to keep staring because he was STILL going at it and almost 2 minutes had passed. And then he saw me.

Staring at him like a dang fool. He caught me red-handed treasuring every moment of his nose picking glory, probably assuming the worst..which is that I would laugh out loud to myself in my car and then proceed to tell everyone I know.

We both just looked at each other. Dumbstruck at the moment we just shared. I might add that yes his finger was STILL in his nose at this point.  But there we were. Two strangers. One nose. Endless fright of that image returning to my mind.

We've all heard the stories. Some people pee in the shower. Some pick their noses in public. Some wear white socks with sandals.

But I pray none of you ever have to witness what I have seen today.

Seize the day! With caution.

And sweatpants. Don't forget the sweatpants.

Happy Weekend Lovelies!


  1. Sweatpants are like, part of our family creed! Love this, and your blog!

  2. I would give anything to be able to wear sweatpants to work. They are my main wardrobe staple. I could do without ever seeing the guy picking his nose but you sure know how to make me laugh out loud !!

  3. ahaha that is hilarious! And super awkward!

    New follower :)

  4. Cute post!! And yet gross at the same time! :)

  5. Hi lady! New follower, swinging over from Make My Morning. I'm a little late, but that's nothing new in my life. This post cracked me up. And why is it always the man? Wait, rhetorical question. Beautiful family and pretty blog. Looking forward to getting to know you.