Tuesday, May 8, 2012

if you give a girl a remodel..

She'll probably choose to sleep for a year afterwards.

Yes, people, I'm exhausted.

 I'm not positive, but I have a hunch that it may have something to do with sleeping on the couch for a week, Ellie refusing naps amidst loud banging on the other side of her bedroom wall, and spending the last day and half assuming damage control to get my house back into some sort of liveable state.

And we did see Avengers late last night, but that was completely necessary.

Everytime we remodel something I remember, "oh yeah this sucks" because it is always more work than you planned, the unexpected becomes the expected, and you really can't eat enough pizza to get you through the endless hours.

Our bathroom/laundry room was one disgusting place.

The flooring was ripped out months ago thanks to the worst sewage problem known to man.  The bathtub was a mauve-ish delight and the sink stopped working before Christmas.

Let's all chant "gross gross gross! " fo reals.

It was decided that gutting the entire bathroom was really the only way to go. Thus, this was the side of my house for several days.  Nothing like opening those french doors on a pretty day to find a toilet, plastic shelving from the 70's, and an old washer.

Both sides of the coin..Left is Andrew and his bro drywalling the new bathroom. Right is the laundry room side complete with drywall and new paint.

We had a little trouble getting our new washer and dryer set up. Jon volunteered to be the man of the hour.  Andrew assisted by holding everything steady.

My job was to paint the walls and hold the light fixtures.  I learned right then and there that if I were to ever go on Survivor I would win every challenge thanks to my incredible arm strength. Good thing it only took 5 minutes though. Seriously.

 Friday: To avoid post traumatic stress disorder we went to Cafe Rio.

Tis the coziest laundry room in all the land. I heart it.

Isn't it pretty?

Even the toilet looks lovely.

Elle loves the bathroom so much that she has pooped in the tub twice already while taking a bath and when I pulled her out of the tub she peed all over the floor. 

She really teaches me a lot about what it means to celebrate.

Now this girl is off to bed for a nice long nap..


  1. Wow, that looks great! Congrats on your new bathroom/laundry room.

  2. Okay, it looks like a different bathroom altogether (Obviously). You guys did a great job!!!! Now if only I were there to enjoy it a little more :)

  3. It all looks great!! I really love the flooring you chose and it looks good with the yellow :)
    Now go and put your feet up!!

  4. LOL. you are hilarious. And that is lovely! I don't even recognize it!

  5. Take that nap! We went through a gut renovation not long ago and, yup, it's exhausting. Love the blog.

  6. Looks so nice:) I love the colors! Following you from a blog hop and hope you will please follow me back too:) Thanks!


  7. Wow, that looks great!!! Popping over from the hop to say hi!
    Happy Mother's Day,

  8. Looks amazing, wish i could do something as great as this, popping over from the hop to say hi !

  9. Remodels are so difficult to live in while the work is being done, but your end result looks fantastic.

    I am following you and I hope you will follow me back at GFC

    Look for the pop out on the right with 3 people icon.

    Best of luck getting rest!

  10. I really enjoyed reading this one. One of the things my husband and I love doing together is decorating/re-decorating our home. We remodel a few things here and there and the experience is awesome. I know you're pretty pooped after all the work you've done, but I know you wouldn't disagree with me on this one.

    Your bathroom is really beautiful. That's probably why your little one "blessed" it.


  11. This post was a lot of fun! I like the new look and I loved the two photos of you with Elle and Andrew.
    from the blog hop, Tina