Friday, May 18, 2012

let's play the name game...

You didn't think I'd skip over these gems did you?

My husband is totally right. I am guilty of association.  As in I have this slight tendency to associate people with other people. Or things. Or places. Or nouns. Whatev.

Now I can see why that would be annoying, but c'mon people! These guys just make it sooo easy.

This is helicopter man.  Or Kalon. He likes to act cool and fly his own helicopter to impress all the other guys. Oh did Emily happen to see the action too? Win win. 

Best line? "Hey guys, I saw you were having a little party from up there. Looks like you're having fun!"

Cricket chirp. Men growling. The pretty boy "villian" has made his subtle entrance.


Reminds me of another pretty boy villian..

 I'm guessing they buy their lip gloss at the same high end stores. After all, Kalon IS a Luxury Brand Consultant (Whatever that means..)

Then there's Stevie. 

No this is not a scene from a horror flick.  It is in fact just the world's creepiest man carrying a boombox while he shimmies over to the lady of the hour. 

I will say this once and only once. Used car salesman and dating shows should never ever be related.  In any way.  But in this case they are. 

McStevie is a pioneer..paving the way for other creepers to find love via reality tv.  Maybe he drives a really sweet Dodge Neon.  Who knows.

So while he was bidding Emily hello guess who came to mind?

Yes I also think it's weird that the terms "creepster" and "used car salesman" cause my brain to reference Disney films.  Or Professor Ratigan, the Rat King, to be more accurate.

Unfortunately, he's holding a bell instead of a boombox.  Shame shame.

Next we have Alessandro. Oh Alessandro.

I don't know how to break this to you..but you're not really from Brazil.  I know, I know. That's what your parents told you, but they lied to you.  Straight up lied man.  Oh and they're not your real parents.  I know this, because you are really the son of that guy from Three's Company. 

C'mon "Alessandro"...tell us your real name and ditch that fake accent.

Alright. I'll do it for you.  Jason Ritter come on dowwwwnn.

And then there's Charlie.

Who doesn't love this guy?

Wasn't he the one who fell off his friend's deck and had a lot of surgeries?  Maybe someone should let him know that he looks like every guy from 98 degrees rolled into one.

Okay, you are 98% Lachey I just know it.  You should thank your friend. And his deck.


Chris.  He fashioned some bobbleheads of himself and Emily so she'd be impressed with his carpenter skills.  It was an awkward moment when he started talking to her via bobblehead.  She managed to respond with her mini Emily and then they lived happily ever after. 

But does anyone else think he resembles a certain..

Butler. Gerard Butler.  I'm about to get real here for a minute though...G.B is waaayyyy cuter than his above look-alike.

Can I get an Amen?


I cannot for the life of me figure out who Doug reminds me of...

Help a girl out!

Tim Allen? Ryan Reynolds?

Anyone, Anyone?


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