Wednesday, May 2, 2012

in living color

I feel ya Lucy.

When I was ten my parents gave me a black and white television for Christmas. It was a real work of art.

I watched I Love Lucy more than any other show (until Zach Morris came into my life that is). I would sneak into the game room where we kept our tv's and I remember smirking to myself, thinking I was so clever to outsmart my own parents.

Because they gave me a black and white t.v and usually that's a shame. Didn't they know that life is in color?

But I Love Lucy wasn't in color anyway so I wasn't even missing out on anything!

She had spunk. She was hilarious. And she was brave.

Today I decided it's about time I channeled my inner Lucy.

I should've known where this would end when I bought these shades a few weeks ago.

Just a girl, two willing stylists, and a lonely shampoo bowl.

My hair was so dark that we needed to lighten it up a bit before adding some color. Perfect time for some light reading.

That's my hair school bff Kelcie. Isn't she the cutest?

P.S..this is my hair after the bleach bath before the color.  Interesting shade it was.

If you combined a yellow starburst with an orange starburst you would successfully achieve this haircolor.  Or at least be able to better imagine how awesome it actually looked in person.

Let's get that color on...make Lucy proud!

Okay so I'm not in black and white.

This is me.

In living color. 

I never tell Andrew when I'm changing my hair. I prefer that look of surprise I see on his face and I anticipate hearing those sweet words, "Whoa honey! Nice. You look awesome!" 

It's quite fun. You should try this with your spouse sometime.

I'm not very funny and I don't think I'm very brave.

But on rare occasions I find myself having the guts to do something I'd normally never do.

Thanks Lucy.

I still heart you.


  1. As a fellow redhead I salute you. It takes gusto to pull off being a redhead and you've got just the spunk to do it. :)