Monday, October 10, 2011

All up in my grill...I mean kitchen

There are some things that I just can't get enough of.

lemony lovin'

Have you had these yet?

I'm a big fan of Muddy Buddies. I remember eating those when I was 8 years backyard bff invited me over for a little swim and snack. It was love.

But now my taste buds are bit more mature. You know, the white chocolately, lemony kind of grownup-ness.

Try them try them try them.

And for the mexican food lover in me
Courtesy of Rachael Ray.

Wowza. Be warned..sour cream is a necessity. Also if you do NOT want your taste buds to be burned to a crisp after you eat this soup, make sure you follow the directions concerning the peppers.

Because someone didn't. And it's like an inferno around here. A disco one.

Finally, tis the season for....Pumpkin!
pumpkin me likey
It was pumpkiny. It was crunchy. It was delicioso!

It's kind of a twist on pumpkin pie so I'll just confess already that I was singing, "you make me feel like dancing.." all night long.


Have any good recipes to share?

P.S -it's my first day of hair school! Should I show up with a mohawk just so they know I mean serious business?


  1. umm those lemon chexmix look fantastic.

  2. can you email all three recipes please? :)

  3. Did you say white chocolate? I think I need that recipe... Please email it to me:D

  4. Oh, sweet goodness... why don't you live closer to me?