Monday, October 3, 2011

The whoopie cushion that saved the day.

I think I may be part owl.

Do you ever have nights where you just lie in bed, so tired, but you can't seem to fall asleep?

Well, this is me almost every night.

So last night, while Andrew snoozed, I played with my newest favorite phone app.

A Whoopie Cushion.

It's pretty entertaining if you like that sorta thing. Or if you have some W.C memory that makes you laugh while lying in bed around midnight.

Like this one..

While serving a mission in Wyoming, my favorite Australian companion and I were invited to dinner at a family's home that we had just met. The four of them seemed really nice and weren't too familiar with missionaries so we wanted to make a good impression.

Tucek had recently acquired a whoopie cushion and was making good use of it everywhere we went.

We thought it would be a great way to break the "ice" or "wind" I should say, by sharing the toy with our new friends.

After careful planning we went to dinner and were greeted by this sweet, unsuspecting family. After the opening prayer, my compy just started letting it rip.

My role was to act embarrassed and upset whenever she couldn't hold it in. I spent most of dinner giving apologies in the most serious of tones.

Francey, the mama, finally couldn't keep silent any longer and starting say things like, "We are so glad you feel so comfortable with us!" and "It's alright, we all do it sometimes!"

The two teenagers couldn't stop laughing. I remained embarrassed and would periodically turn to Tucek and whisper loudly enough for everyone to hear, "Stop that, it's disgusting!"

Finally, we couldn't take it anymore and once dessert was served we spilled our secret and proudly showed off our whoopie cushion as proof that Tucek didn't have some sort of medical condition.

They thought it was hysterical. And every now and then I get an email reminding me how much they love us and how awesome that night was. 

Oh how whoopie cushions can bring a little more love to the world. 

So, because it has absolutely nothing to do with whoopie cushions or staying up late, here is my newly updated Guest room!

See...I can be simple.
This creates a feeling of "Italy" not..."Provo"
My $5 nightstand...thanks Goodwill!

I feel like a mirror (of any size) is essential for a guest bedroom.

My friend Steph painted this for me..isn't it AWESOME?
Two of my favorite little girlies made these for me when I had my surgery. So cute.
I kind of like the 2 closet idea.
My most favorite painting in all the land.   

Remember this post about my once cantaloupe room? What do you think of it now?


  1. Oh I love the flowers. The girls will be so happy to see that you like them.

  2. I love the room. And the pictures. Where did you find "Starry night" that size? You have done a great job with your home. I'm impressed !

  3. Andrew bought it at the BYU bookstore..he brought it home as a surprise.

  4. April, can you please come help me redo my room? My roommie and I were talking about how much help we need today...

    Also, the story made me giggle. Love you.