Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Hair Don't Hall of Fame

As a hair stylist I believe it is my right..NAY my obligation to discuss some hair "don'ts".

I've carefully selected a special few that could use an extreme hair makeover pronto. And while I shutter looking at these pictures I also think it's important that we thank them for paving the way into the "Hair Don'ts Hall of Fame".

Let us begin with a favorite of mine.

the beloved "Uncle Jessie"
It's true John Stamos has seen better hair days, but this was at the peak of his career. How am I not famous? I have waaay better hair than this.

Lindsey Lohan
I think we can all agree that Linds really went downhill when she decided to go from red to blonde. C'mon now..who didn't love "Freaky Friday"? All that bleach really rocked her world..this photo was taken the day she was ordered by her warden to take out her hair extensions and remove the fake eyelashes. The horror. Go back to red Lindsey..if Britney can make a comeback so can you!

The Donald
He may be one of the richest guys ever, but where is all that moolah going? It's obvious he has no investments in quality hair pieces..so when it comes to the Trump's hair it must not only be declared, but shouted from the rooftops "You're Fired!"

That one guy from "Sister Wives"
Some people watch "Desperate Housewives" as their guilty pleasure. I watch the PG version of that.."Sister Wives". One guy..four women, I don't get it. Not only is he obnoxious in his own right, but it's the hair that really bugs me. And according to his wifey's he has more styling products than all of them combined. So is it wrong for me to ask for him to start using them? Do we really have to wait for a 5th wife to come along and be brave enough to demand he chop those nasty locks?

Dolly Parton
She's been around for decades..and so has that hair. Someone please call her and tell her she either has to move to Utah (the capital of big, platinum hair) or get rid of that fro.
Christina Aguilera

Medusa called and she wants her hair back. Seriously though, Christina has proven time and time again that she is hiring blind men as her stylists. No this would not look good at the Grammy's, the Oscar's, or Prom. And while we're at it, send in a new makeup artist as well..

Well, that's it folks. Did I forget anyone?


  1. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, half the time it looks like they haven't washed their hair in months.