Saturday, October 8, 2011

i will and i can

Remember that time I ran 6.5 miles by accident.

How does that happen one asks?

Serious miscalculations concerning time, distance, and being stuck in the middle of nowhere so that you have no choice, but to finish.

It was my fault, really, if we're being honest here.  I'd driven that road so many times that it began to seem like a short distance. So short, apparently, that I thought we could run it in 45 minutes.

And that my friends is the definition of a fool. One who thinks she knows what she's doing when in reality she is clueless.

So even though it took much longer than we thought and was much further than we anticipated, although we almost died when we got home, there was also a bit of excitement.

Because we just ran 6.5 miles.

That is a hard thing to do. Obviously we were no marathon runners.
But we did it!

And it made me realize that I can probably do a lot more than I thought I could.

I thought about this on my run this morning. I'm sick with a cold, my throat has been giving me problems, and I got maybe an hour of sleep last night, because my little babe is sick too.

Come on, I know you've got some great excuses too.

So make today different.

THROW AWAY those excuses. See what you're made of. Do something hard.

*apologize to someone you've hurt
*go for a run even if you're sure you'll hate it
*forgive that person who's let you down lately
*bake a cake even if you've classified yourself as the "Worst cook in America"
*look beyond yourself and see who you can help
*be happy (it's a choice really)

Stop thinking about all the reasons why not. And just go for it.


  1. Sweet. Bring me with you next time! Seriously.

  2. Thanks for the reminder. I needed it.

    Love you :)

  3. Thanks April. That was beautifully written and JUST what I needed to hear. I have been pretty down lately and need to do all those things. My neighbor ran six miles yesterday and I was so jealous. I told Lance that I am having a hard time with a routine because my dear running buddy lives a million miles away in another country and we used to live right around the corner. I told myself though that if I could at least run 2.5-3 miles a day I would be in much better shape for an upcoming voice recital and a dance I have to perform at my ballet studio. Oh how I need the endurance!!

    Thanks again for your thoughtful post. You are awesome and I wish we were neighbors!!

  4. I wish we were neighbors Amy! I'd be your running buddy. Maybe someday we'll be stationed in the same place..that would be awesome.

  5. Hi, April. This post was nominated for an award on my blog and I finally got a chance to come over and check it out. It really is amazing what we can do when we stop telling ourselves that we can't.

    (Although I KNOW I can't run 6.5 miles at once. Yet.)