Monday, October 17, 2011

How to dine in style

Last night at dinner my brother and my cousin decided it was the prime time to show off their new virtual assistants. 

On their phones of course.

She's very helpful, this personal assistant. She'll not only answer your soul's deepest questions, but also boost your self-esteem and make you feel like a rockstar.


Tanner: Hey V-lingo
V-lingo: Good morning Pimp Daddy.

Jamie was in need of some serious answers.

J: V-lingo, are we friends?
V: of course
J: will you be my best friend?
V: I would be honored
J: will you be my girlfriend?
V: I'm sure you can find a more suitable match than a virtual assistant (it really said this..I heard it for myself)

obviously no computer program is perfect...

J: but I'm desperate, can you help me find someone my age?
V: I will look on google to find someone with Aids
J: um, nevermind.

In other news..I (mostly) finished my picture wall!

See for yourself..
pretty bomb, eh?
 this stands for "McQuay" if you weren't sure

I'm lovin it ba da ba ba ba...

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