Tuesday, March 20, 2012

24? Wow you're old..

Life as a celebrity is overrated.

Not that I think I am one or that I actually know any. But I'm just guessing.

Guessing is only a good thing if you have appropriate facts to back up your guessing.

So obviously...here are some facts. Facts according to me..ahem.

a.) Money buys you love, but not happiness.

If what "they" (who are "they" anyway??) say is true, then it's the little things in life that really matter. Little things like having enough gas in your car or when your husband brings home toilet paper.  That's real love right there..bringing home toilet paper. Don't believe me? Ask someone who ran out lately..they'll tell you I speak TRUTH.

Celebrities buy so much stuff...I'm pretty sure that's really all they do. Buy stuff. Not toilet paper kind of stuff, but blinged out diapers for their kids and such. All I'm saying is that you find real love in the small things and do celebrities even notice the small things like toilet paper? I say nay!

b.) Birthday parties include Beyonce and a giant bouncy castle

It seems that a requirement to having a birthday as a famous person means you must invite every other celebrity you know and then be sure to have the papparazzi take pictures of the event so everyone knows how cool you are. Guests are sent home with a new iphone and their own personal trainer. What a life.

Remember when birthdays were meant to be simple, but meaningful? Your mom makes you a cake, no chores for a whole day, and you finally get that Lite Brite you've been dreaming of. Birthdays are meant to be awesome..not a headache or a popularity contest.

c.) "Personal Chef for One, Please"

We all know that if anyone wants this perk in their life it's me. You heard me..I want a Personal Chef. Celebrities have whatever they want made for them, whenever they want. Sounds like a dream, right?

I will say that I've learned a lot about myself as I've taught myself how to cook. I made cookies when I was 10 and added a tablespoon of salt instead of a teaspoon..when my dad said it tasted like a pretzel, I knew right then I was well on my way to cooking glory. Victory in the kitchen would be mine someday!  Really, all I'm saying is that by having a personal chef, you would miss out on the satisfaction of baking something amazing and realizing YOU did that.

Personally, I feel just plain sad for all those pampered, well-fed, blinged out celebrites.

Andrew's birthday was last Saturday and somehow I managed without a chef or a party planner. And it was awesome.

Just plain awesome.

I made the most incredible Cinnamon Rolls for Andrew's birthday breakfast. Divine. What was that? You have a birthday coming up and you wanna make the most heavenly cinnamon rolls for the one you love? Fair enough. Go here for the recipe. But I warned you...

Then we took Ellie to an Extreme Airsports place where I showed Andrew what I was made of. Somehow jumping off a rock climbing wall into a giant foam pit isn't as hardcore as I imagined.  Forget "Family Fun Time"..let's just call it what it is. Family Fool Time. There I said it.

Besides myself and Elle, Andrew's other great love is Sushi. Happy Sumo welcomed us with open arms.

Because I love him dearly..DEARLY...I surprised Andrew with tickets to the one movie he's been talking about for months.

We stopped at Blickenstaffs, the coolest little toy and candy shop to pick up some of Andrew's favorite childhood candy on our way to the movies.

After a long day, we came home where I made a birthday cake all by myself with no personal chef to lend me a hand. Per Andrew's request we had Strawberry-Lime Shortcakes with Coconut Cream and yes it was very delicious. Go here for the recipe!

It was a really good day.

isn't he so cute?

Simple and meaningful and just plain awesome.

Me: 1 Celebrities: 0

And in other news...

I dyed my hair the most fantastic red color on the planet...what do ya think?!


  1. I want to see it in person! I love the pic, but it's always better in person! Do you need anything? I can't wait to see you on Saturday :-)

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  3. Following you from the hop! Cute post! Love your new hair color!

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