Saturday, March 3, 2012

dear hollywood, get your act together!

It's been a long time since we've been to the movies.

Too long if you ask me.

It's not our fault really. I mean...lately the options have been less than desirable.

We attempted some and then realized that Hollywood has really gone off the deep end.

Interesting concept that immediately went up in flames when they thought casting the lead singer of 'Nsync was a good idea. I think a blind dog can act better than this guy. Also there was this scene where the car flips off a cliff and it was as though they had taken a hot wheels car and tossed it down a hill. This resulted in the only funny part of the movie. Special effects department: 1 Justin Timberlake: 0

Andrew: " Puss and Boots. Intriguing. I mean it's about a cat wearing boots. That's fascinating."

Yes I saw it. And I'm not proud. I keep thinking "it's impossible for these movies to get worse" but I would like to say to you now that it IS possible. It IS.

What a fantastic way to unite all the germ-a-phobes in the world? This movie reminded me of the time I was asked to attend a meeting about what we should do when the bird flu takes over. I nominated myself to be President of the Germ-a-phobic club that day. Gwyneth Paltrow is such a gem for bringing those memories back.

I thought this movie was a joke the first time I saw the trailer. Did anyone else think that? The preview seemed good. Basically Jason Bourne is a cowboy in the wild west and then BAM. Aliens. I think Hollywood is running out of ideas.

This is NOT to say that all movies in recent times are bad. I have actually seen a few good ones.

He's a cute, talented kid and I wish my little sis would marry him. Especially now that he drives a Fisker Karma. Also I've known 3 guys to watch this movie and they became Beliebers too. Well done Biebs..well done!

Really good..but you should read the book too. Because that's even better. And I want those dresses...

Midnight in Paris makes me miss midnight in Paris. It happened. I was there. I adore this movie.

This weekend we will be attempting "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" and "We bought a Zoo".

I'm also taking recommendations...


  1. I hear ya, sister! Great post. No lie, I seriously thought 'Cowboys & Aliens' was a joke at first, too ... but one I was willing to fall for, because of Daniel Craig *dreamy sigh*.

    And I concur that 'the Help' was great, and the book even better. The book made me laugh and cry - my favorite combination in an author ...

    Found you on 'find friends' hop and I truly love your blog! Following every way I could find :)

    The Colorado Mountain Mom

  2. Wow! I totally agree with your dislike movies...ESPECIALLY...Breaking Dawn...AWFUL! I LOVEd We bought a Zoo - but regardless of the PG rating...NOT NOT NOT a kids movie. Let me know how ELIC is...that's next on my list.

  3. LOVED The Help, but I have to agree, the book is A MUST!

  4. Eww we just watched "In Time" last night. Awful. I mean, the context of the movie MIGHT have worked with a better script and better actors. Not Mr. N'Sync and Karen from Mean Girls.

  5. i thought cowboys and aliens was a joke the first time i saw the preview too!! and thats why i love you.

  6. We also LOVED "We Bought A Zoo", and would highly recommend "The Artist." It's PG, but a beautiful, artistic film. Unlike any other movie I've seen!